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Completion of Education

The social work field education provides students with the opportunity to apply knowledge, received at their universities in practice. Besides, it is a chance to check, whether you are suitable for social work or made a wrong decision because field education is like...

Inequality in London Over the Last Thirty Years

Introduction The United Kingdom has changed dramatically over the last thirty years in several ways. Being the capital of the United Kingdom, London is a classic example of a multi-cultural, unequal society producing corresponding benefits and flaws.

Annotated Bibliography of the Article

In this paper, the article "In patients with type 1 diabetes and new-onset microalbuminuria the development of advanced chronic kidney disease may not require progression of proteinuria" written by Perkins, Ficociello, Roshan, Warram, and Krolewski will be discussed.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Nowadays, it is so hard to imagine our world without airports and the possibilities offered to people there. An airport...

PICO Statement

Richardson (2012) suggests that PICO statement provides a general frame work in projects. The first step in developing a...