The clue to what a laboratory (lab) report is can be found in the title. These assignments involve the investigation and the analysis of various research topics. It is a study where results are returned or discoveries are made through practical experimentation and consideration in a room set up with special equipment. This room is called a laboratory. The discoveries made by students or researchers are usually the result of extensive research and the examination of certain laws and phenomena.

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The students usually use a lab report template (often provided by their school, college, or university) to document their discoveries and/or the results of their work.

Laboratory-based research generally comprises of a) undertaking certain theoretical and/or mathematical calculations, b) the collection of experimental-type data, sometimes using specialist equipment, c) the analysis of collected data, and d) the documentation of the results in report format.

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Possible Uses for Lab Reports

The research work done in a laboratory usually includes:

  • A detailed study of some specific phenomenon, method of experimentation, or program;
  • Learning how to use rules and take measurements related to the processing of information;
  • Making discoveries about the deviation habits of certain prototype and practical sample(s);
  • Discovering the reasons for the said deviations;
  • The use of a lab report template or some other prescribed reporting format to write up conclusions, including an analysis of the results or discoveries and the putting forward of recommendations.  

An additional reason for writing lab reports may be to set out certain data and specific arguments to persuade other people to decide on or accept the researcher’s hypothesis and/or to assist other students and researchers in the future. This type of work can be added to existing scientific knowledge or it may be used as bibliographical information.

How Does One Write a Laboratory Report?

Are you looking for a lab report template or do you often wish you had someone to help you write your lab reports? These are assignments that require significant time, attention, and effort if they are to be sufficiently good for you to hand in. You could consider cooperating with any of your friends who also have lab reports to complete. Collectively you may manage to successfully complete your assigned tasks. Alternatively, you could ask your tutor or professor for guidance, to supply you with a suitable template, or even to help with the formatting aspects.

However, it may be that you need to develop a lab report discussion or some other part of your report but do not know anyone who can help you. In this case, the idea of paying a helper may seem like the only option. Still, you need not worry since the professional writers at have provided some great tips to make your life easier, starting with the structure of a lab report:  

  • The first part comprises of a title or cover page with the name or title of your work and various other items of report-related information.  
  • The next section is usually the abstract. This should set out the aims of your report and a description of the subject of your research. In this part, you need to sum-up all of the work you did and, possibly, an indication of the materials and any equipment you used in the course of completing the project. 
  • After this comes the introduction. Here you need to set out the key points of your report. Mention or provide a sketch of any special equipment you used.
  • Compile any relevant data into tables (with rubrics) to include in your report.
  • Your report may need a calculations section with a description of any formulae and calculation methods you used. However, whether this section is needed or not depends on the report’s subject matter. If you do include this section, you will also need to add the conclusions of your calculations.
  • A section containing graphs, charts, diagrams, and/or schemes may be needed if these were not included in your paper’s main text. These are usually added as end-of-paper appendices.   
  • As you near the end, you will need to create a conclusions section summarizing your final findings or results.
  • A lab report should be formatted in accordance with the requirements of higher level academic institutions. Please note that a lot of high schools, universities, and colleges have templates specific to their institutions and students are required to use these.
  • Your entire report along with any relevant theoretical materials will need to be submitted to your tutor or lecturer.

At times, it makes sense to buy lab reports online, which you can use as examples to better understand what completed lab reports look like. In the event you feel your particular topic has a bearing on how your report needs to be presented, it is best to look for sample or example reports related exclusively to this topic. These will show you how to approach your particular topic and they should save you having to do excessive reading and/or rewriting.

All lab reports have the characteristics outlined below

The above tips should be sufficient to help you write a successful laboratory report. But remember to begin work on your assignment when you get it rather than leaving it to the eleventh hour. However, there is no need to worry if you find a deadline is almost upon you and you have no time to write a decent paper or report.

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