Annotated Bibliography of the Article

"In Patients With Type 1 Diabetes and New-Onset Microalbuminuria..” by Perkins, Ficociello, Roshan, Warram, and Krolewski

In this paper, the article "In patients with type 1 diabetes and new-onset microalbuminuria the development of advanced chronic kidney disease may not require progression of proteinuria" written by Perkins, Ficociello, Roshan, Warram, and Krolewski will be discussed. This work is published in the peer-reviewed journal Kidney International that touches upon different aspects in the sphere of nephrology.

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At the very beginning of the article, the authors admit that microalbuminuria is the condition that requires certain attention and recognition due to the fact that it is regarded as "the primary predictive marker of risk for the eventual end-stage renal disease". A certain group of patients has been defined and described to give clear explanations of the choice and further instructions for the research. The point is that even gender may influence the rates of serum proteins in human urine. This is why it is necessary to continue investigations in the defined sphere. The main argument of the article is based on the necessity to treat people with advanced chronic kidney diseases in time and identify the progress of proteinuria.

The article under analysis is a useful source of information for many researchers in the sphere of medicine and nephrology in particular. It contains the description of the experiment with people, who have problems with their kidneys. The development and results of the work may be observed through the graphs offered. The article is not only a deep evaluation of the investigations done in a particular sphere; it is an attempt to use new onset and prove its urgency. Though the reliability of the article remains to be doubtful as the authors themselves admit that the outcomes of the research are weak indeed, the article's worth is evident. Perkins et al. offer to continue the investigation of microalbuminuria in the organisms of people with kidney problems. The decline of renal function is a serious problem, and it has to be solved. And this article is a good beginning for further successful investigations.


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