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Research Paper Guidelines for High School Students

Research paper guidelines almost universally follow the format.

Cover Page

When turning in your research paper, do not forget to include a cover page, also referred to as the title page. It should include the title of the paper, your name, course number, and the name of academic institution. Your professor might also request additional information such as the date when you finished the paper. Make sure to pay attention to your instructor's requirements. As important as the cover page is, you can leave it as your last task after you have finished the rest of the essay. In all likelihood you will not need any help with writing the cover page because it is rather self-explanatory.


The introduction gives you an opportunity to explain to the reader the important issue that you are planning to discuss and conduct research on. You will briefly explain your motivation for choosing this topic and provide justification for its importance. You are also free to hint at some of the solutions that you will provide later in the report and summarize your research. Note that this section is essential for stating the purpose of the research report.

The Review of Related Literature

Most students would probably describe this section as the most challenging. You might need some assistance in gathering the appropriate scholarly sources. Having an expert search for the right books, journals, and other literature that is related to your research can really make things easier. You do not only save a lot of time when you ask for help in this process but also you will experience far less stress.

Do not forget to describe and summarize each source that you are discussing. The key details include the name of the author, the title of the report, and the year it was published. The literature review can highlight both studies that are similar to your own report as well as articles that focus on the one important detail that is connected with your own investigation.


The section after the literature review is the study's methodology. Given the complexity of this, you might want to consider requesting the assistance of an academic expert to complete it. The main purpose of this section is to highlight the methodology or methodologies that are best suited for your study. Once you have made that determination, you will implement and discuss them in this session.

There are several lab experimentation methods that could be appropriate for your study. Using data and statistics can also be useful. Certain formulas will be more effective for measuring the results than others, so you will need to know what you are looking for. Finally, you might wish to compare your data with the reports from your literature review.

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Analysis of Data

After you have highlighted the methodology that you are using for the research, assistance with data analysis is the next step. To effectively analyze the data that you collected during the methodology, such tools as SWOT analysis can be helpful for interpreting the information.

At this point, a lot of students become frustrated and feel like giving up. They might ask "Can somebody help me write my research paper?" Those who continue on their own do so at their own peril. The rest seek guidance from our professional custom writing services.

Your research can include quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, or both. It really depends on the type of study. Figuring out how to do this can be a real challenge, which is why hiring an expert might be appropriate. Although you have attended the lectures and read the material related to the research, it can be really difficult to incorporate into an actual report. There is nothing wrong with requesting help with your research paper, particularly if this process is new to you.

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Findings or Results

In this section you will discuss the findings or results from your study based on your methodologies and analysis. Using graphs and charts can be a good way to organize the information in a clear manner. You will also address the conclusions that you have reached based on the methodology and your analysis. In some cases, this section also interprets and assesses the data.

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