How to Write a Good Reaction Paper: Expert Advice 

Working on academic papers, you have a number of objectives to achieve. For example, you have to provide information to the readers and let them know about the important events and facts; besides, you may want to produce a powerful impression on the readers with your own opinion or attitude to the addressed issues.

If you want to know how to write a good reaction paper, you have to care not about impressing the readers, but about informing them. What you have to do is to convince the readers in the validity of the research and demonstrate that it is relevant to similar research and investigation. Besides, you have to learn about all the rules of how papers of this type are composed. The hints in this article will be useful for you if you need a great reaction paper and are ready to learn and practice.

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How to Make a Reaction Paper Excellent

The sphere of science is one of the most unpredictable ones. There is hardly any day when no new invention is made. You have to catch up with the development process and review the scholars’ investigations or react to the results of research. The question is how to write a good reaction paper template?

A typical structure of a reaction paper is generally defined in the following way:

  1. Introductory part;
  2. Material and applied methods;
  3. Obtained results;
  4. Discussion;
  5. Concluding paragraphs.

Keep in mind that there are two types of audiences to address with your reaction paper: the readers of the journal who are aware of the topic and can grasp the key ideas that you may present and the assistants of editors who select the articles to publish.

The language for the reaction papers is to be accurate, concise and clear. You should remember that other researchers and scholars might take your ideas for citing. If you merely discuss how the investigation was done, it will be insufficient for a good article. What you have to aim at is to prove the value of the chosen invention for the scientists and its importance for the users. The most effective examples of reaction papers always demonstrate the motivation of the author to work on the paper, his or her attitude to the final outputs of research and the validity of the obtained results.

What Is a Good Beginning of a Reaction Paper?

You can frequently distinguish an effective paper by its beginning. A lot in the attitude of the readers depends on how the paper starts. However, a good beginning is not enough. The paper should be structured properly to be accepted well. You are an expert in how to write a good reaction paper if you have studied multiple samples of reaction papers and can do your own even better. 

Try to organize the introduction of your reaction paper in accordance with the scheme below:  

  • Context of the paper

Begin your paper with giving general information to your readers as they have to get an insight in the topic. Thus, those who do not know much in the discussed field will get oriented and directed. Besides, include several phrases about the value of the conducted work and its importance. 

  • Need and demand 

Inform your readers that your chosen invention has an essential value and prove that by comparing the importance of this invention with that of others in the contemporary world of science. 

  • Task 

Discuss how your needs are addressed. 

  • Object 

Prepare the readers to perceiving the structure of the essay.

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