Have a Look at the Step-by-Step Guide on Overnight Essay Writing

Step 1: Try to Calm down and Put All Your Ideas Together

When you would like to find out one of the most essential issues concerning how to write a last minute essay without having any bad influence on its quality, you can face many factors that there could stand on your way to your goal set: stress, panic, and irritation. You can become very anxious and irritated and you cannot consider that the process of writing will turn out perfectly. So, you commence to completing a paper of poor quality as you consider that is the best you are capable of doing within the time-frame left at your disposal. Wait a few minutes and consider all pros and cons of your complicated situation!

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Close your eyes and try to breathe in and out for a few minutes or half an hour. Try to sooth yourself, "I can handle these issues. I am able to cope with my task in the best possible way! I should not give up!"It may sound a bit silly or not convincing when other people tell you to act in that way, but in the majority of cases, it does work and you should believe yourself when you utter such words. You should approach the process of overnight essay writing with the right spirits, mindset, and ideas. Visualize or imagine your result – it should be flabbergasting. When you are relaxed and calm, you create the necessary space that your mind usually need to generate fresh and novel ideas. Take into consideration that your calmness and confidence can significantly assist you with your any of written tasks.

Step 2: Present All Your Ideas on Paper. Prepare a Creative and Outstanding Piece of Writing!

Are you sure of the most important step of the process of essay writing that many students avoid? It is the outline. Do not be as other students. Always focus on the outline preparation in advance. Of course, it can seem as if you wasted your priceless time, as you write down the huge pack of the paper, which you will then turn into your college / university essay. No one will be capable of seeing your outline; neither will your professor score it. Consider that it does not imply that you should not complete one. 

Each guide on how to complete an overnight essay indicates the same: commence with an outline. Do you know why it is of great significance? You should well aware of the structure of your essay, which will arrange the chaos not only in your mind, but also in your writing. Moreover, mind mapping can bring you much fun!

  • Take a piece of paper and put down all your ideas  or considerations that occur to your mind;
  • Then, the selection process should go next. Consider all your ideas and try to connect them into one outline. Try to divide them into the most and least productive and then make emphasis on the most significant ones.
  • Create a mind map using such mind-mapping software found online as MindMup or MindMeister.

Step 3: Research in Advance in order to Complete Your Essay in Future

You may consider that you are ready to commence composing your essay? Hold your horses! The best pieces of writing (custom essays are not exception to this rule) have one common and essential feature: each of them is well-researched. Keep in mind that the lack of needed time cannot be an excuse for the lack of thorough research. Your professor / teacher will appreciate a poorly researched, repetitive and unoriginal essay based solely on unconvincing, provocative, and boring arguments or propositions of yours.

Do not panic; the process of research for a college or university essay is not very time-consuming. Below are a few practical tips that could assist you in conducting detailed research within 15-30 minutes. Read very carefully:

  1. The essential thing that you should keep in mind is that the goal of each paper should be based on your outline prepared beforehand.

  2. Try to utilize Google Scholar, instead of other out-of-date searching engines. Let us consider or imagine that you are completing a custom essay on the problem of global warming. If you refer to Google, you are to seek authoritative sources that you could apply for a pretty long period of time. You should search with numerous phrases or keywords, and as many other students, you are pressed for doing this. Thus, it is evident that you may end up utilizing the first random sources or results that you have come across. They might assist you in getting some specific ideas for overnight essay writing, but it is apparent they will not convince your teacher or professor that you managed to conduct a thorough and scrupulous research. The case is different with Google Scholar. If you look through Google Scholar website, you will be capable of finding necessary sources worthwhile referencing simply typing the term “global warming.”

Step 4: Write Your Essay Like You See It

The fact that you are made to compose your essay can lead to you hating the topic chosen or set, no matter how persistent your professor / teacher had been tried to make it interesting, intriguing, or attracting. That is the wrong consideration to have. Now you are well aware of what you should do to handle this type of wiring as you have already het familiar with three essential steps of the essay writing process that we have indicated above. Believe in yourself and never give up. You will be capable of composing it in the best way ever possible and within the timeframe provided.  

All you currently should do is to complete the content of your essay.

  • Find a really fascinating aspect or focus that could intrigue or assist you in writing the best essay in your life. Even the most interesting or complicated topics may have a kind of hook in them. The only thing you should do is to discover or find it and add some unique features of yours into the process of writing. Let us go back to our previous example - global warming.
  • The introduction should be mind-blowing and flabbergasting! Make it creative and original by applying interesting quotes, as well as real-life practical experiences. Then, apply a very powerful thesis statement in the end!
  • The body of your essay ought to provide solid arguments and corroborative pieces of evidence that prove your thesis statement.
  • Last but not least, you should have an outstanding and well-grounded conclusion. All loose ends of your essay presented in its body part should be highlighted in your conclusion. Do not forget that you ought to restate your thesis statement as well. The conclusion is the essay part that usually leaves a long-lasting impression.
  • After having read your essay, your reader should be 100 satisfied and have all the needed info at his / her disposal. 
  • Pay attention to all citations and references that you have used in your essay!

Step 5: Essential Features That Should not Be Neglected

Once you have completed your essay, it is recommended to put it aside for a few hours or days, in case you have some spare time at your service. Keep in mind that each professional always edits and proofreads its masterpiece! In case you cannot do this yourself or you are running of time, you can always refer to our university or college essay help online.

In case you have made up your mind to go through all the steps indicated in this article, you should be well aware what you ought to do in order to handle the process of editing and proofreading by yourself.

  1. Read your essay very carefully paying attention to even minute or insignificant errors. Take some notes of each correction you are planning to make in your essay. Do not commence with proofreading, as it is supposed to go after editing. Our specialists recommend using some tools while you work on editing and then proofreading of your essay:

  2. Grammarly is a very helpful tool that can identify different spelling or grammar mistakes that you have made in your essay.

  3. Hemingway Editor marks both complex and compound sentences that you should correct to make your essay as understandable, readable, and coherent as only possible.

Step 6: Have Your Plagiarism-free Essay Done

Consider that all educational institutions worldwide do all possible to eliminate the problem of plagiarism in the written assignments of their students. Thus, you should check your ready work for plagiarism using different plagiarism-searching engines, tools, and engines that are available on the internet nowadays. You can choose the following ones:

  • Plagtracker indicates suspicious parts of your essay and inform you about them. When you detect plagiarism in your essay, you can either rewrite, paraphrase or reference it accordingly.
  • Citation Machine may assist you in proofreading and formatting the references used in your essay.

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