A research paper is one of the most common tasks that are given to students. Unfortunately, quite often, professors give this assignment, provide the instructions but do not explain where to start. As a result, students who are new to academic writing or just unfamiliar with research papers feel frustrated and confused. They know that composing a proper research paper is a great responsibility but do not know how to do it right. Days after days, they procrastinate the writing process because of the lack of understanding what constitutes a well written and, in general, successful paper. Then, they start writing it a day before the final deadline and think that creating a research paper is a lot more difficult than it actually is. 

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Nevertheless, a research paper is too common and too important task not to know how to write it. All students should get acquainted with the strategies and peculiarities of writing this kind of papers. With appropriate explanation, tips, and guidelines, a person will realize that a research paper is a not a complicated assignment. To write is an achievable goal, which might even become quite an adventure or extremely rewarding experience. Believe it or not, when one completes the first research paper by oneself, he/she feels exhausted but happy to have accomplished something significant. 

Guideline for Research Paper

Before writing a research paper, one should remember two things. First, the process of creating will be far from being smooth. There will be the obstacles and time management issues, but they can be overcome. Not a single student or a professional researcher have ever completed a single research-based work without barriers and complications. A student should stop hoping to be an exception to this rule but rather get mentally prepared that the process might be not the easiest one. Second, every effort made brings results. So, if a person focuses on the task, reads the relevant literature, and patiently works on the paper, the positive outcome is guaranteed. A student just needs to accept the difficulties and continue working. It is the key to success in academic writing.

Now, as you have some expectations regarding the writing process, we might get down to more specific aspects of writing a research paper. Check the following pages in order to understand how to compose an impeccable paper:

  • Types of research papers. Visit a page to find out what the difference between an argumentative and analytical papers is and how each of them might be handled. 
  • Topic selection. This page is suitable for those who can or even must choose a research topic on their own. The tips on making a well-informed and correct decision is exactly what is needed in such situation. 
  • Target audience. The article offers an overview of approaches to writing a research paper depending on who a potential reader is. The guidelines on the kinds of information to include, complexity level to choose, and the ways to meet expectations are provided.
  • Writing process. The page contains data, as well as useful links, related to the actual writing process and guides a student through all of its stages. 

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