Informative essays

Ethical Absolutism and Cultral Relativism

Ethics is what explains the different morals world-wide. It is related to culture and religious beliefs. In addition, it establishes the behavioral standards. This essay is an attempt to make a distinction between an ethical absolutism and cultural relativism.

Firearm Control

Firearm politics is a one of the most controversial issues of the US politics, which is majorly described by the disagreement of two groups, namely firearm control and firearm rights activists. The two groups have frequently disagreed on the construal of the laws and lawsuits associated with firearms.


The beginning of history of the ancient Rome dates back to the 8th century B.C.E. Ancient Rome was founded in 753 B. C. E near the Mediterranean Sea (Crowther, 2007, p.91). Roman Empire rapidly became the biggest and strongest empire in the ancient world and existed for about 12 centuries.


A subculture is an exceptional culture that is shared between a small group of people who also form part of a bigger culture. In order to have a functional culture in a wide area, every social group must have a culture of its own which has its own goals, values, norms, and unique way of doing things. A

The Reconstruction Era

The Civil War (1861-1865) and the subsequent Reconstruction period can be regarded as one of the most prominent moments in the US history since it marked the defeat of the Confederacy and abolition of slavery. The restoration of the south control to conservative whites (“Redeemers”) ruined the hopes and desires of freedmen for full citizenship.

The Teleological Explanation

There are numerous problems in the modern philosophy of mind that revolve around the explanation of human actions. According to one school of thought, comprising of determinists, materialists, and behaviorists, the behavior of human beings is not different from the behavior of similar classes, as it is explained in natural sciences.