Informative essays

Chinese Civilization

Examination system in China was used to select officials who represented citizens at the national level. The system dominated education sector during Han and Song dynasties. The examination system was an important aspect of civilization.

Cultural Brief

In the process of globalization, many companies extend their business in the countries all over the world. Our company originates in the United States. At the same time, it has won a competitive position in Europe. Currently, the objective is the successful entering of the Japanese market.

Net Neutrality

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are not an innovation in the modern society, having become the traditional source of information and means of communication. Social changes, as a result, influenced by them today are not seen as a revolutionary, but evolutionary process.

Social and Political Theory

Dealing with ethical dilemmas in public administration closely relates to the new paradigm of governance. Constantly emerging new realities and shifts in technological and ethical terms compel the administration to become more sensitive to the current public agenda.

The Church and the Environment

Pope Francis appeals to the humanity pointing to the wicked tendencies of rapidification and the throwaway culture that tends to create environmental issues. In terms of political economy, deteriorated ecology is the biggest contemporary market failure because its costs are immense and it complicates the conduct of businesses, which undoubtedly inhibits economic growth.

The Integration of the European Union

Study of the integration process, which represents a particular type of relationship between sovereign states, is a subject of many works of scientists and experts in international law and other scientific disciplines (the global economy, international relations, and others).