So, you are a bit embarrassed about the task you have just received from your professor. It is your first Rogerian essay and you need to get the best topic for this challenging project. We can assist you and offer a list of topics for a Rogerian essay that you will like. Moreover, we will give you valuable guidance in how you can make your writing process enjoyable! Even if you are an expert at essay writing, Rogerian type is an absolutely different kind of tasks that requires special knowledge and skills. What are such essays aimed at? Typically, they say this is a democratic discussion essay. It has to excite the interest of the opponent and either start a debate or motivate the opponent to negotiate. It contains a set of arguments, which are necessary not for supporting a single opinion, but for finding the ground for a compromise and common decision. We have decided to help you and grouped interesting topics for Rogerian essays according to the research fields. We hope that will be helpful!

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University and College Rogerian Essay Topics

What is the easiest method of finding good topics for a Rogerian essay? A student can just look around to analyze the surrounding to see which issues seem to be problematic and bothering. What can be an issue for a university or college student? Violence, drugs, sexual harassment, substance abuse, and a lot of other aspects of life cannot but worry all people. Have a look at the examples of topics for your essay:

  1. It is high time to ban smoking in public places once and for all. 
  2. Producing and selling tobacco cannot be legal any longer. 
  3. There is an urgent need in introducing death sentence around the globe
  4. There should be state control over alcohol use.
  5. Banning energy drinks is a must nowadays.
  6. Current learning curriculum should contain e-learning courses.
  7. Contraceptives should be introduced to the teenagers to prevent early pregnancy.
  8. The focus of modern education should be the development of creative thinking and imagination. 
  9. Trade relations should be open for college and university students.
  10. Guns should be allowed for every citizen over 16. 

Controversial Topics for a Rogerian Essay 

Modern life is full of controversies and it is important to know how to reflect over controversial issues in writing. Have a look at some topics below to get inspired: 

  1. The present-day school policies should be amended by the government.
  2. British monarchy: pros and cons.
  3. A great politician is a person who has mastered this art not got an in-born talent. 
  4. Countries with the highest corruption level: what are they?
  5. World War III can be prevented only by the USA and Russia as the most powerful nations.
  6. Crime level can be reduced only via state gun control. 
  7. Same-sex marriages should be forbidden by the law and persecuted. 
  8. Can physically disabled people be hired into the Government Cabinet?
  9. Internet censorship is needed at the state level. 

Easy Ideas for Rogerian Essays

Some topics require a lot of research and tough time thinking over complicated ideas. Still, there are other topics, which are also exciting, but much easier to write on. Have a look at the basic topics that we suggest, as they will save your time and get you high grades from your professors. 

  1. Growing obesity in the USA: what are the main reasons?
  2. It is a must to introduce limitations in the Internet access at schools and colleges. 
  3. There should be no fee for education resources and learning facilities for all the students.
  4. Military service should not be compulsory for young people.
  5. Learning secondary languages should be an obligatory part of the curriculum.
  6. Pursuing an MBA Program is a great idea for everybody.
  7. Teenagers deserve the freedom of choice in all serious matters.
  8. No animals should be used in product testing.
  9. Advantages of Physical Education classes in high school and middle school.


The above-mentioned examples clearly demonstrate that expressing ideas in a Rogerian essay will be different from that in an ordinary essay. You should have your own opinion regarding the suggested problem and you have to defend it. Still, your ultimate aim is to reach at the consensus and find a solution that will be beneficial for both parties. Mind our recommendations and select the topic that you find the most interesting personally for you. If it suits you, you will have no problem writing. Grab the readers’ attention from the very first moment and gain success in your studies.