The importance of music in our lives is difficult to overestimate. It is a universal cure from different problems both physical and spiritual. In a form of sounds combined in an attempt to create a piece of art, music has gone through different stages. However, at any time of human history, it played an important role. In the contemporary society, music is being widely studied by different scholars, which found its reflection in the creation of a specific discipline called music study. As a result, musical topics for research paper projects may vary depending on the way music is applied.

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As an example, music is widely used to overcome such problems as substances abuse, depression, or even to deal with such issues as racism. Music in general and listening to the music as an activity contribute to the development of a brain and stimulation of those areas in it that cannot be stimulated by any other activity. As a result, the role of music in our lives is even bigger than we can imagine.

Musical Essay Topics

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Music Topics for Research Papers

Music studies can both exist as a separate discipline or as a part of interdisciplinary studies. For example, a student could consider music in terms of its application to treatment of mental illnesses or study its connection with academic success of students. In regard to the sphere of politics, the influence of music can be examined in the context of civil rights movement, etc. These are the examples of how music can be used in interdisciplinary studies. In case of concentrating specifically on music, the students can study pentatonic minor scales and how they are used in contemporary music styles. It can be stated that music can be easily connected to almost all spheres of life and can be viewed from different perspectives. As a result, there are different topics that can be chosen for writing a research paper on music.

While choosing the musical topics for research paper, the students have to pay attention to different things. For instance, the papers can be of different length and require different scope of research. Besides, instructions from the professor also play a crucial role. If a specific topic, as well as the instructions, is assigned, a student should make sure that the paper is written within the required parameters. For instance, some topics may require much more than one page and be properly covered in dissertations or theses, while the other ones can be easily discussed in a simple essay. As a result, it is important to pay attention to such issues as scope of research required, level of analysis, etc.

Here is a list of musical topics for research paper that are connected to the field of music study. However, it should be stressed that the list contains only some suggestions among the wide variety of topics we can work with. If you have your own topic and need help with covering it in the paper, we will be glad to help!

  1. Influence of modern music on adolescents;
  2. Music as a means of therapy;
  3. Music and its implementation in depression treatment;
  4. Modern ways of sharing music;
  5. Analysis of song writing and composition;
  6. Investigation of human voice possibilities;
  7. History of musical instruments;
  8. Cultural peculiarities of music genres;
  9. The ways music can influence political views of citizens;
  10. Influence of music on society;
  11. Combination of classic and modern music;
  12. Representation of music in contemporary film industry;
  13. Specific features of music management;
  14. Rock music and subcultures;
  15. Influence of globalization on music development;
  16. History of blues;
  17. Influence of background music on psychological state of a person;
  18. The role of music in theatres;
  19. Middle age musicians and their role in culture development;
  20. Place of Gospel among other music styles;
  21. Hip-Hop: History of origin;
  22. Music in personalities: Igor Stravinsky;
  23. Connection between musicality and savant syndrome;
  24. Folk music and socialization;
  25. Role of music video in the process of  music perception;
  26. Civil rights movement and music;
  27. Music as means of communication;
  28. Music legends: History of Kiss;
  29. Pentatonic minor scale and rock music;
  30. The way music influences human emotions;
  31. Technology and music: How music developed with the creation of PCs;
  32. What is music education in contemporary America?
  33. Religion and music;
  34. Hard work or innate ability: How do personal traits influence the process of a musical instrument mastery;
  35. Musical preferences around the world;
  36. Can music be called a universal language?
  37. What are the benefits of music education?
  38. How does budgeting influence music study in public schools?
  39. Biological peculiarities of human ear;
  40. Favorite musician and his/her influence on you;
  41. How can music help shape the character of an individual?