Many students are searching for an effective list of research topics in architecture in order to create a great paper. If you are one of those, who take care of their academic reputation, we recommend you to check our architecture thesis topics. These topics will help you develop a great essay that will satisfy the most demanding instructor.

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  • It is good to have a look at a list of research topics in architecture:
  • Given the chance to assist a project manager on constructing in a swampy area, how would you help them proceed? 
  • Discuss how art influenced the architectural designs of ancient churches.
  • Discuss some of the advantages of using technological models in architectural diagrams.
  • Evaluate the role of the gothic style in architecture: provide the good examples of the modern renovation.
  • Suggest an accurate description of an architectural model that would satisfy a religious client.
  • Discuss 3D printing technologies as a great possibility for innovation and research in the construction industry.
  • Suggest affordable solutions for low-cost housing.
  • Scandinavian buildings as genuine symbols of progress.
  • Make a critical analysis of the modern perception of landscape design: useful solutions and fresh ideas.
  • Discuss the concept of abstract expressionism in comparison with an artistic expression and architecture.
  • Explain what are the challenges that are associated with skyscrapers. Explain your answer.
  • Discuss the ethical aspect of the Biomaterials use in architecture. Do you agree with the claim that their application possibilities are limitless?
  • Do you believe that the use of new materials provides new possibilities for an architect?
  • Improving a landscape vs. fitting a building into its natural surroundings. Pros and cons of each option.
  • Address the changes that can be seen in the social housing architecture over the past decades.
  • What are the challenges that poor workmanship can bring to a project?
  • Evaluate the programs that are available in the contemporary market for use in architectural designs.
  • Do you believe that eye-catching constructions in big cities serve as the symbols of the modern period?
  • Did the computer-aided design improve the work of architects over the years? In which way?
  • Is self-sustaining urban ecosystem the near future or just a dream?
  • What are some of the 19th-century architectural designs that are widely used in the contemporary world?
  • Energy-efficiency as a current trend in the building of the contemporary houses.
  • Explain how digital apps can help solve real issues in the architecture field.
  • Suggest the ways of improvement airport designs in order to make the terminals more efficient. Support your answer by the reasonable examples.
  • How to make a soil analysis: the importance of the use of new sophisticated technologies in order to promote safety.
  • Discuss the influence of mortgaging agreements on architecture.
  • Evaluate the nature of middle-class architecture and discuss its role in modern society.

We assure you that our list of research topics in architecture contains all interesting aspects in the contemporary architecture area. Just choose one and write a brilliant essay paper!


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