Are you searching for the best fun cause and effect essay topics? We recommend you to look through the list developed by our talented writers. Undoubtedly, choosing the right topic for an essay is a very important step and if you have no idea what topic to discover, we will help you to find something that is interesting for you. However, do not forget that choosing the right topic is just a part of the writing process. In order to get an excellent grade, you need to apply enough time and efforts!

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Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics Within Historical Context

Undoubtedly, a cause and effect essay on some historical event is a perfect choice. Starting from the first people until modern technologies, in our history, each event had its consequences. Therefore, it is quite easy to evaluate the impact of a particular event on the development of society.

1. Explain the reason why the British Colonialists decided to invade the Native Americans.

2. Analyze the disastrous effects of the Civil War.

3. Point out to the causes and consequences of building the Berlin Wall.

4. The Georgian Revolution. Key causes and effects.

5. Discuss the consequences of slavery in the United States. Does it still exist in the 21st century?

6. What were the positive effects of Nelson Mandela`s presidency?

7. Discuss the results of the slave trade in the Colonial Era.

8. The consequences of Nazi ideology for the 20th century.

9. The end of colonialism in Africa: main causes and effects.

10. Discuss the causes and consequences of the League of Nations collapsed.

Essay Topics on Economics

Don`t believe that studying economics can be interesting? We assure you that by choosing the right topic, you will be able to turn the writing process into a fascinating journey.

1. Retirement at early age: causes and consequences.

2. Discuss the benefits of the British economy after the Agrarian Revolution.

3. Are there any benefits to the growth of the European Union? Explain in detail.

4. Analyze the potential consequences of the decrease in the country`s economic development.

5. Discuss the failures of the South African economy during the Apartheid period.

6. Discuss the causes and effects of advertisement on consumer spending.

7. Analyze the consequences of the Second Industrial Revolution.

Essay Topics about Environment

There are no doubts that we need to preserve the planet for the next generations. Otherwise, the consequences of human activity will be disastrous. Find out what topics can turn the most informative.

1. What are the consequences of conservation of rainwater?

2. Describe the air pollution effects on human health.

3. Water contamination and marine life: causes and consequences.

4. Explain why forests fires are so dangerous for the planet.

5. The shocking truth about global warming.

6. Explain what are the consequences of the illegal cutting down the trees.

7. What are the potential risks of using poor environmental conservation techniques?

8. The rise of pollution in big cities. What are the major causes and effects?

Essay Topics on Political Issues

Are you aware of the major political processes? Choosing the right topic about politics, you will be able to improve your knowledge and skills.

1. Discuss the effects of the problems with the voting system in a particular country.

2. Analyze the consequences of the lack of democracy in the underdeveloped states.

3. What are the consequences of the lack of financial aid on social projects?

4. Critically evaluate the causes and effects of corruption.

5. The abolishment of the monarchical system in the Russian Empire. Causes and consequences.

6. The causes and effects of the rise of capitalism in the world.

Essay Topics about Education

Education is a very rich field for numerous controversial issues. There are many aspects that cause severe debates, therefore, it is vitally important to recognize their causes and consequences.

1. What are the potential risks of reducing the number of schools in the country?

2. Wearing uniforms in schools. Benefits and shortcomings.

3. The consequences of low awareness about the importance of education in the individual`s life.

4. The consequences of failing an important exam.

5. Evaluate positive effects of learning several foreign languages in the early age.

6. Discuss the consequences of depriving women of education in the 19th century.

7. Discuss the consequences of parents` ignoring their children academic performance.

Topics on Social Issues

In the present-day world, different problems affect our society. It would be great if you could pick up the topic related to the serious social problem and discuss it from different perspectives pointing out to its causes and effects.

1. What are the causes and effects of introducing the death penalty in the country?

2. Discuss the key causes of globalization.

3. What are the possible risks of intermarriages between the people from European and African countries?

4. Discuss the effects of the rise of a terrorist threat in the United States?

5. Causes and consequences of early pregnancies in the underdeveloped states.

6. Provide clear arguments regarding the risks of aggression promotion in Hollywood movies.

7. Discuss the adverse effects of the one-child policy in China.

8. Nowadays, peoples are still not protected from the deadline viruses. Explain your rationale.

9. Discuss the biological and ethical aspects of human cloning. What are the risks of this medical breakthrough?

10. Discuss the causes and consequences of early marriages.

Essay Topics on Social Issues

1. Analyze the causes and effects of legalization of marijuana in different countries.

2. Discuss the potential benefits of eating a lot of vegetables.

3. Evaluate the possible risks related to caffeine abuse.

4. Analyze the negative effects of poor hygiene on human health.

5. Discuss the main causes of heart diseases.

6. Why people should treat drugs, tobacco, and drugs as their enemies?

7. What are the positive effects of doing morning exercises?

Essay Topics on Natural Sciences

Are you interested in problems of world existence? It is easy to write a cause and effect essay on a natural science topic because a vast majority of these topics are compelling and intriguing.

1. Discuss the potential consequences of sports activities on the cognitive development of children.

2. Analyze the effects of abandonment of whale oil.

3. What reasons made people improve sea travel roots?

4. Discuss the problem of deforestation in regard to famine and drought problems.

5. What are the effects of earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters on human well-being?

6. Discuss the potential risks of the improper treatment of the white tiger or any other rare animals.

7. What were the causes of beast migration in some parts of Africa?

8. What are the risks and benefits of diamonds production?

Essay Topics on Technology

Indeed, the topics and ideas explaining the development of science are always intriguing since they can always inform the readers about the new inventions in the technology industry. If you are ready to complete an essay on such a topic, feel free to choose one of the following suggestions:

1. The effects of social media on the development of the informative war in the countries.

2. The shocking truth about playing violent games. Are children in danger?

3. Five reasons not to operate your business online.

4. Discuss the causes and consequences of the extensive use of smartphones in our lives?

5. Does the internet make people lonely? Provide examples.

6. What are the reasons to consider Google the best search engine?

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Students and Families

Some of the great cause and effect topics deal with the student`s life, as well as their relationships with their families or peers. If some of the following topics are close to you, feel free to choose the one and develop a great paper.

1. What are the consequences of the lack of home education?

2. Can your marriage be affected by extra working hours? How to avoid the routine?

3. Discuss the causes and effects of rivalry between the children in a family?

4. What are the causes and consequences of infidelity in marriage?

5. Is divorce a good solution to family problems? Support your rationale.

6. What is the role of counseling in solving the misunderstandings in a family?

7. Why are mothers are usually considered better parents?

8. Can the financial status of the beloved become the reason for marriage? Discuss the causes of such a tendency for the family.

9. Explain the causes of the rise in the number of single-parent families.


Undoubtedly, writing a cause and effect essay is not an easy thing to do. However, if you want to get a good grade, you need to submit a truly creative piece full of fresh ideas. We assure you that selecting some of the topics mentioned above and developing it into a great essay, you will be able to impress the most demanding professor. Be sure to follow the professor`s requirements and proofread the paper before submission. After all, constant practice will turn you into a professional writer. So do not waste your time and start right now!