The Diary of Anne Frank Book Review Sample

Diary of Anne Frank

The book gives a perspective to World War II under Hitler’s Nazi Germany. It is a true story of a group of people who are living in hope and fear. The diary is about Anne’s harrowing account as she hid with her parents and sister and four other people.

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Anne Frank, with her parents, sister and an older man were Jews during the German occupation of World War II. They hid in a secret alcove above a factory, to evade the Nazi holocaust. Anne had a diary, given to her by her parents as a birthday present, on her thirteenth birthday, she named it kitty. In it, she wrote all her thoughts during the next two years of the world war. She writes on how dozens of her Jewish friends are being taken away and loaded into cattle trucks destined for the Nazi concentration camps. 

At the eave of the holocaust, her family left with their daughters for Netherlands. Unfortunately, the Nazi police send a call-up notice for her father and her sister Margot to report to the deportation at the concentration camp. Instead they defy and flee for a hiding place, the Secret Annexe. The Von Daan family joined them and later, they also included Mr. Deusel, a dentist. Anne dislikes Mrs. Van Daan on the ground, grown-ups criticize her. Still, she finds Mummy cold since she never play with her an act which upsets her regularly. 

Anne soon began writing in the diary with her first entries being with her private thoughts over school and her social life. Of the boys who were in love with her, and their descriptions as well as her reactions towards them. Her observations were mature and intelligent. Recurrent air raids send sleepless nights in Anne. Besides their meals are terrible, dry bread and ersatz coffee for breakfast; spinach and rotten potatoes for dinner. But she feels lucky that they have food and shelter, that they have a radio and books. 

Nevertheless, Italy’s Surrender announcement gives them hope. She hopes that God will raise them out of their suffering, and that one day the world will learn from the Jews. After her birthday, despite their hiding, after two years they were found and arrested by the Germans. Of the eight people in the hideout, only Mr. Frank was able to survive the Germany concentration camps.

Her diary was found by Elli and Miep, their Christian friends who gave then food and their other needs. With great insight for her family, she wrote everyday happenings, her arguments with her family, the happy times, the celebrations, and her dreams. Ironically, in the last entry Anne speculated about what she would do in her future.



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