Regulating Drug Therapy Research Using Plants: Can It Or Should It Be Done?

Should Surgical Experiments on Animals

Research question: should surgical experiments be done on animals?

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Ethical dilemma

For many years, animals have been used in medical research. Animals have been used in conducting various surgical experiments that are later applied to human beings. The scientists who use animals for surgical research face a lot of criticism from the opponents. Some people argue that animals should not suffer so that human beings can benefit. On the other hand, some people argue that medical research on animals is good as a way of eliminating human suffering. These people argue that human beings are in a superior position to animals. Therefore; this paper will lay an explicit focus on some of the ethical dilemmas that scientists face as they conduct surgical experiments on animals.

At first, surgical experiments on animals have aided a lot by the advancements in the medical field. They have led to the development of new medical procedures that could not have been tested on human beings due to the high risk. One of such advancements is in the heart surgery. Heart surgery seemed to be impossible, but after a series of experiments on animals, the same was found to be possible. The practice is being carried out today on human beings. Such a surgery could not have been possible if the studies were not carried out on animals first. Also, the advancements in the development of artificial hearts and valves are another area in which animal research has played a critical role.

Surgical experiments on animals have also led to the organ transplants. The organ transplants that are very common today could not have been possible if it were not for the studies that were carried out in animals. Other practices that are related to the same such as the coronary artery bypass were first tested on animals. The scientists borrowed the idea of sewing the arteries together from many experiments on dogs and cats. It is, therefore, notable that surgical experiments on animals have played a significant role in the advancements of medicine. The medical practices have played an imperative role in saving a large number of people who could have died if there were no such surgical procedures. Surgical experiments on animals are therefore in line with the goals of scientific research which aim at promoting and saving lives.

On the other hand, animals’ research has not only been useful in medical advances in human beings. It has also been useful in medical advancements of animals. There have been a lot of advancements in animal medicine as a result of the surgical experiments that have been carried on animals. Scientists have been able to determine the safety of certain practices before trying them on a large scale with other animals. The same has also aided in saving a lot of animal lives. Therefore, animal research has also played a role in the development of animal medicine.

However, surgical research on animals has not been without criticism. The opponents argue that surgical experiments on animals are a clear indication that human beings are selfish. Human beings should not use animals for experiments so that they can benefit. Animals and human beings are in the same class and using animals for experiments is a way of showing that human beings place themselves in a superior position than other animals. The opponents also argue that human beings should demonstrate fairness, and they should not treat animals with cruelty.

The opponents also argue that the animals used for the surgical experiments are not treated in a fair way. The animals are subjected to a lot of pain and in some cases; the animals are not expected to recover from anesthesia. A lot of animals die daily in the experimentation process. The scientists who carry out the experiments do not mind about the life of animals, and they do not take extra precautions to ensure that the animals survive even after the experiments. The same indicates that animals used for the surgical experiments pass through a lot of pain and mistreatments. It is unfortunate that even if there some existing laws on how the experiments should be conducted, scientists ignore the rules.

As a way of balancing the two aspects, it is important to focus on maximizing the benefits that emanate from the research and reduce the negative impacts. For example, scientists should focus on experiments that are likely to lead to higher benefits if they are successful. They should refrain from carrying out experiments that are not meant to add any benefits. Secondly, the procedures used in the experiments should be improved. They should be improved so as to ensure that there is little harm or suffering to the animals used for experiments. Scientists should focus on saving the lives of animals used in experiments while at the same time carrying out experiments to save lives of other animals and human beings.

In some cases, it would be right to overlook the suffering of an animal. Such a case occurs when the experiment at hand is meant to be of benefit to very many people and animals. For example, when carrying out a surgical experiment that is expected to save many lives, it would be advisable to overlook the suffering of animals for the common good of many people. It would be ethical to allow one animal to suffer and save many lives.

Limits to Suffering

It is very eminent that animals undergo through a lot of sufferings in the experimentation process. Sometimes the pain inflicted to the animals is so much especially when the scientists do not consider that animals are suffering. Too much pain also occurs when the researcher does not make any attempt to reduce animal suffering in the experimentation process.

Common Ethical Dilemma

Carrying out surgical experiments face a lot of ethical dilemmas. At first, researchers are criticized due to the high number of unsuccessful experiments that they carry out. Critics argue that human beings are very different from animals and thus most of the experiments carried out on animals cannot work on human beings. The former poses a serious ethical challenge on whether surgical experiments on animals are necessary. Additionally, most of the experiments are carried out on a trial and error method. Researchers proceed with experiments that are only meant to fail, and they end up inflicting unnecessary pain on animals. These studies lead to social value dilemma when scientist carry out experiment without knowing whether the experiments will add any value to the field of study.

Another ethical dilemma that arises from surgery experiment on animals is whether the desire to prolong human life should be pursued at the expense of suffering for other animals. The scientists face a serious ethical challenge since their experiments are aimed at promoting human life at the expense of another animal. The main ethical dilemma to researchers is whether they should stop experimenting on animals so that they can eliminate animals suffering.

How the Research Impacts Individuals, Communities, and Society across the Globe

The research has been of great significance to individuals as well as communities all over the world. Surgical animal experiments have led to serious advancements in the medical field. The experiments have aided a lot in providing medical solutions to many people. It has aided in promoting healthier individuals and healthy communities. Surgical experiments have also aided in promoting life and people can live for a longer period. Across the globe, the research has aided in providing solutions to some of the conditions that have affected human lives, as well. It has saved many lives in communities and societies in the USA and across the globe.

Solutions to Problems

The researchers should also take all the necessary measures to ensure that they cause little or no harm to the animals that they use for research. They should cause the minimal harm and aim at carrying out research that is well-planned to avoid harming animals but not leading to any useful results. All the studies should be carried out with an intention of maximizing benefits both to the plants and human beings, and they should cause little or no harm.

Secondly, the researchers should follow the existing regulations when conducting research on animals. They should ensure that animals are only used for research when it is justified to use them. In case there are other alternatives, the researchers should refrain from using animals.

From the above study, ethical dilemmas are very eminent when carrying out surgical experiments on animals. While its benefits can save lives, it is also notable that it causes much harm to the animals. The researchers should focus on adopting methods that would cause no harm to animals while at the same time increasing the benefits of the research. Although the studies focus on delivering positive results, it is imperative to consider the harm caused to animals during the experiments.


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