Issue Proposal: Advantages of Being a Vegetarian

Proposal Introduction

Human beings do possess a unique degree of disparity that adds flavor to live. Our lives are marked by millions of small details that do vary from one person to another. These features define one's personality and make one unique from the rest. It covers all aspects of human life hence dictates every step of human existence. Everyone had unique preferences and so would make decisions that do correlate with his/her inclination. One of these sensitive areas is in the diet. We all do have our preferences when it comes to what to eat, when to it and how to eat it. It defines everyone since a person is identified with his/her diet preference. Some do love eating meat while others are strongly identified with green vegetables. Vegetarians are highly recognized and respected in the field of food science. It is a portion of those who highly regard green vegetables and do not take meat whether raw, fry, boiled or roasted. Vegetarians are the perfect example of the disparity in the human life and it does prove that when this difference are understood and appreciated, they do help to qualify the quality of life. Being a vegetarian does not prove the claims that it is wrong to eat meat. It is just but a preference that one upholds and is strongly identified. Does being a vegetarian claim any advantages? Are there any things that vegetarians deny themselves? What are the benefits of being a vegetarian? These are just but a sample of the troubling questions that many get to ask whenever hit with this topic. They seek to gain a better understanding of the vegetarians and deeply understand the reasons behind their inclination. They also purpose to either qualify or disqualify this perception by the response they get from their respondents. In this proposal am going to discuss the planning schema for my argument, research plan and a detailed annotated bibliography of the materials I used.

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Planning Schema

Being a vegetarian is a habit that is developed every time through constant practice. It is just like the use of drugs where one upon consistent practice cannot afford to betray his/her habit. It develops over time and firmly becomes one's identity. Taking meat is one incredible thing that a vegetarian can do. A vegetarian will view the act of taking meant as awkward and way too odd. However, every habit two sides: the disadvantages and the advantage. The relationship between these two aspects either qualifies or disqualifies the habit. A vegetarian will develop good reasons why one should not take meat while one who takes meat will give reasons why one should embrace meat. In this paper am going to discuss the advantages of being a vegetarian strongly.

A detailed review of the positivity behind being a vegetarian makes it hard for one to make a choice of whether to avoid or taking meat. As much as vegetarians are entitled to some disadvantages, it is clear that being a vegetarian has its advantages. An understanding of this aspects helps in drafting decisions that contribute to avoiding the conflict of preferences. All vegetarians need to be exposed to both sides of their habitual diet. It will help them deduce useful and more flexible methodology to counter the expected challenges and magnify on the positivity of their habit.

Health Concerns. Many turn to a plant-based diet to embrace their health conditions and maintain a healthy well functioning body. It is stressed by the notion that being a vegetarian does massively benefit one's health. The fat intensive plant diet for vegetarians does not take a lot of time to digest. It is easily broken down it manageable parts that are incorporated by the body for energy production.  It is rich in Nutrients and does contribute substantially to the well-being of a person. It does magnify on one's health and ensures safe leaving. However, vegetarians are not exposed to enough proteins. Protein has a critical role in our bodies: it is responsible for the structuring of building blocks in our bodies that ensure the growth of body cells, tissues, organs and organ systems.  This claim does not disqualify the plant based diet. It only makes it more sweet and appropriate. Proteins can be extracted from other food stuff: milk and eggs. Vegetarians can, therefore, make up to their protein deficiency by engaging in another foodstuff that does add flavor to their diet. By doing this, they are entitled to enough proteins just like those who take meat: bacon.

Protein deficiency in our bodies’ results to dangerous conditions that greatly affected our health: slow healing of wounds, less healthy skin, the digestion system is hampered and the general weakness of the body. These adverse conditions consume the mentality that being a non-vegetarian is a life changing habit that only seeks to improve the quality of one’s healthy and ensure a healthy future. A vegetarian diet is rich in fiber and vitamins and minerals that are way too important for good health. The following is a list of health advantages of being a vegetarian:

  1. Improve symptoms of psoriasis
  2. Reduce incidences of diabetes
  3. Reduce risk of cataract development
  4. Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
  5. Low cholesterol
  6. Less risk of stroke and obesity
  7. Fewer chances of developing kidney stones

However, the plant based diet lacks enough proteins. Proteins constitute a very important nutrient that cannot be ignored. It is the body building unit that ensures a strong physique. Research has it the vegetarians are leaner than their meat eating counterparts.

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The only consolation for vegetarians is that they can consider other food staffs that are rich in proteins. This will cure the problem of protein deficiency and ensure that vegetarians are exposed to enough nutrients. The idea of vegetarians being leaner is disputed on claims that body size has no much correlation with the body size. There are other factors that do determine one’s body size: exercise, environment.

Lifestyle. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle that is faced with many hurdles. It is way too hard for a vegetarian to maintain his habit that it is for an omnivorous person. This challenge is the sweetest part of the lifestyle. Maintaining a clear vegetarian diet feels more of success since it is hard to achieve it in normal conditions. Vegetarians do enjoy their leaving and are always treated with some level of respect from others. They are perceived with admiration as many love to question how it feels to be a vegetarian. The approval becomes the principal source of recognition in the society. It makes the vegetarians life sweet, and they do not feel rejected and segregated but rather loved and admired. They do lead a happy life and since they are appreciated they do receive a lot of support from their friends and family.

In some societies, the idea of becoming a vegetarian can equal hell. This is so since vegetarians are immensely despised and segregated. They are treated as abnormal personalities with a high degree deficiency.

However, these treatment only last for a short time. It is human nature to get used to things and appreciate them into their lives. The rejection is often short lived followed by apologies and appreciation.

Family. Being a vegan in a family can be challenging, especially when no one in the household seem to understand the reason behind the inclination.  It is when the vegans are subjected to rejection from their friends and family. Thus, it only happens in the societies that are dying, ones that do not appreciate anything. In modern society, vegetarians are equally recognized and treated just like normal personalities. In the families, vegetarian's diet preference is also understood and whenever a meal is prepared they ensure that they make a special meal for he vegan. It ensures that everyone is exposed to good food with enough nutrients. Family members do not talk bad about the vegetarian or neither do they speak high about their diet. It ensures a good relationship between the family members and everybody fits in. It is when all family members realize that vegetarianism is way too dangerous and it is nothing that one can change whenever he/she feels. This understanding will help deter the negative attitude that always makes it hard for vegans to enjoy their diet preference.

Animal Welfare. The exclusive plant diet for vegetarians does not involve any animal product. It makes it a food that fights for animal welfare. No animals are killed to provide food and clothing for a vegetarian. When people change their diet from a meat based diet to the plant-based diet, there will be a reduced requirement for the livestock to be a source of meat. There will be less livestock farming and no need for intensive farming methods due to the reduced demand.

Budget. A vegetarian will spend less that a meat eating person. Their foods are usually cheaper compared to the meat products. The ingredients for preparing plant-based diets are also less expensive than those used to make the meat based diet. It realizes a bigger saving portion for vegetarians. It is economically beautiful as it helps one to gain more saving which is very crucial. The savings assist in the case of an emergency, and substantial amounts can contribute to establishing an investment plan that goes a long way to help.

Good Moods. Vegetarians do record good moods compared to their meat-eating counterparts. Meat-based diet is rich in Arachidonic acid which is the main reason behind mood disturbances. Research identifies a strong link between the acid and mood disorders. In research conducted at Benedictine University performed, it was realized that restricting animal products had an indirect correlation with mood disturbances.  It magnifies the importance of a vegetarian diet, and it is one big advantage of being a vegetarian. It ensures good moods hence a good coexistence between a vegetarian and other people in the society. Good moods also lead to high understanding and evaluation of conditions and problems. It ensures good decision making and not making decisions from moods and feelings but making a logical decision based on truth.

Hearing Confessions.  Confessions from on the other hand from vegans are highly appreciated. Many love to understand how it feels to be a vegan and stay without meat products. They do embrace vegetarians and perceive them with admiration.

However, some people think a vegan always would want to convert other into doing what they do. This notion affects their confessions, and they are forced to only but listen to the confessions of others. They are never given the opportunity to describe how awesome it is to eat a live on a plant based diet. They never get to share their challenges and be encouraged to uphold to their preferences. All they get are discouragements and negative energies that talk bad about their diet. They are perceived as challenged people who all they need are salvation from their weird diet.

It is so tempting for vegetarians and would often make them question their diet preference. It is in where one confesses about his/her meal to vegetarians. It often happens whenever people realize that they are around a vegetarian. They do highly toke of their meals and make the vegan vegetarians feels bad. This happens because everyone things that vegetarians are insane and should be helped to restore their sanity and reason. They do offer free pieces of advice at any given opportunity. These pieces of advice instead of expounding the vegans mind and changing their mindset, it strengthens their loyalty to their diet.

Research Plan

The main argument in this paper has two sides and all sides have strong justifications. I will therefore consider going for the best methodology in finding the data needed for the argument. I will consider articles and books from renowned writers. I will also analyze all the review and feedbacks from which I can draw conclusions. Reviews represent a very rich source of information, it is written from a noble point of view and do bear a lot of truth from the readers. Therefore, it will act as my key tool in shaping my arguments.

I will also consider drafting and distributing questionnaires to about 50 people. This will be a random population to avoid discrimination of idea. I will use simple questions that will invite simple responses which are easy to analyze:

  1. Are you a vegetarian?
  2. What do you think about vegetarian?
  3. What do you think vegetarians miss?
  4. What do you think non-vegetarians miss by sticking to a meat eating culture?

I will then employ statistical tools to analyze the data collected. This will make it easy to draw inferences from the data and constitute a conclusion. It will determine the position of the two contradicting sides of the argument.

I am going deeply to analyze second-hand information as the primary source of my arguments. It will help develop cases and clarify assertions that are needed in the establishment of the conclusive statement.


In brief, being a vegetarian is in itself a choice that is marked with many hurdles. It requires persistence and strength to uphold the plant based diet. According to the studies done, a vegetarian claims some advantages that a meat based diet personality do not enjoy. Many do turn into vegetarians after experiencing health problem that later demand a diet reform. The plant-based diet is claimed to be rich in nutrients that do embrace good health.  Vegetarians blood pressure is lower compared to those adopt a meat-rich diet. They have better moods, less chance of heart disease, low risk of cancer, low risk of diabetes, less likely to be overweight and a small risk of death. It is enough to encourage vegetarians to uphold their habitual diet vigorously and also encourage other people to join the group.  It offers them a better deal that many consider as more rational compared to eating a meat-intensive diet which has nothing big to offer. However, the dark sides of the diet cannot be ignored: protein deficiency, rejection and isolation, hard to find services in restaurants and other food outlets.


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