Death Penalty and Murderers


The law system of each country in the world focuses on ensuring that justice prevails in the judgment and legal practices of the state. Many of the judicial agencies in different nations have achieved the primary role to maintain justice in their country fairly. However, in a court ruling, the judgments depend on the judges’ decisions. For example, a court order on a murder case can be an imposed monetary fine, jail term or death penalty depending on the judges' decision. Therefore, there are no firm court orders; the law authorities’ participants based on the country's law doctrine, create the penalty depending on the nature of a case. Today, life insecurity has risen in the world and has been evidenced by the increasing murder cases reported each day. In order to enhance safety and lower the impending increase of murder cases, people have suggested that murderers should be charged with the death penalty in the courts. Murderers should be killed just as they kill other people. The pro arguments of the idea suggest that it will scare people from indulging in murder business and increase the respect for human life.  However, the idea is debatable because many other people think it is wrong to take away the lives of the convicts according to human rights. The execution of murderers in the court of law is the most applicable option in the modern law. The purpose of the current paper is to present a discussion on the thesis statement. As a result of the increase in number of criminals, who are convicted with murder, the radical measures should be taken. Thus, murderers should be punished equally for their acts by increasing the advantage of a death penalty as a punishment in all countries.

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In the recent years, murder cases have become one of the major causes of death in the world. The cases have risen due to the threat posed by irresponsible people in the global population breaking the law and order in their regions. As a result, different countries have invested in increasing the safety measures in their jurisdiction. Most importantly, the judicial systems have introduced or supported the death sentence for murderers. The legal system aims at creating equality for all people in the community. The analysis is based on the principal objectives of the judicial system in every nation. The system is aimed at ensuring that all citizens in the jurisdiction are treated based on the same means. Therefore, it is fair to suggest that murders should be given the same treatment as they do to the others. The law system should ensure that people, who do not respect and value the lives of fellow individuals, should not be humanized as well. Moreover, the retributive theory of punishment that advocates for an equal penalty to the harm done should be observed in law implementation. Through the observation of the practices, the society establishes and defines the penalties to murderers. Moreover, various legal systems have campaigned for people to report any murderers around them to enhance security in their region. Therefore, the murder cases are expected to reduce and safety to increase in each area observing the strict measures. The death penalty is a significant action in controlling the number of murderers and improving the security of people in a community. The capital punishment should be embraced by every judicial system in the world to control murder cases; a support on implementing death penalty on murderers should be collected.  Therefore, murderers are not spared from the penalties but face justice from the court by having the “eye for an eye” treatment.

Safety and Closure for Families

On the other hand, the society has a role to protect its residents with establishing an ethical culture. Cultural ethics guides the morality and behavior of a population. Moreover, cultural ethics defines wrong from right as a law for the associated society. Therefore, a community should advocate against immoral behavior such as murder and violence. With a well-defined protocol for capital punishments, only severe cases murderers face the death penalty. The people in the community should be encouraged to support the law enforcement departments by reporting suspects and murderers living with or around them. The judicial system should ensure that fair and just actions are taken against the convicted murders. An adequate punishment will trigger fear in potential or real killers and increase the trust in the judicial system. Everyone needs to feel safe and protected by the government. Therefore, the system should ensure the law achieves the objective of enhancing security and safety to their people. Death penalty for murders is one of the most effective punishments that a judicial system can implement to achieve its objectives to control the murder cases. Execution of the identified murderers ensures that people are warned against the practice. Additionally, through ensuring that murders receive the same treatment as their victims creates a picture that the society will have sought a permanent solution to the problem. The reason is that the executed murderers will not be in the community to continue killing more people. Moreover, eliminating the actual murderers in the society helps in saving the lives of the potential victims. Death sentence for murderers ensures that they face the same experience they make other people pass through. Therefore, their malicious behavior is equated to their wrong deed. More importantly, with individual policy or defined penalty for murderer, all people are treated equally. Cases of favors and corruption will not apply to any persons convicted of murder. The consistency and uniformity in the ruling against murderers will ensure the justice in the community and fear of the wrong actions. The aim of the practice is to create more sensitivity to the human life and to the society; and to increase their value to humanity. Additionally, the practice of justice and fairness in the judicial system will enhance the trust of the system to its country's population. As a result, the citizens will live together peacefully and respect each other. Finally, the family of victims will receive closure and peace by punishing the murderers of their loved ones.

Decreases Crimes

Communities should be active in molding the people around them morally upright. People should be able to report the murderers without the fear that they will come after them upon the jails term end. Through the activeness of the community in helping the law enforcement departments, it will be easier to identify and eliminate murderers in the societies. The judicial system will also use the community members in gathering information for conviction of the accused victims. With the increased safety and security, witnesses will confidently provide relevant information and help in lowering murder incidences in their locations. Many people support the practice of death penalty and execution of murderers for the reasons above that revolve around enhancing security and safety measures. Moreover, most individuals fear death. Therefore, real murderers would avoid possible activities that can cause their death. Sentencing and executing identified murders in the society will serve as a revelation to the rest of existing and potential murderers (Death Penalty Curriculum). The capital punishment helps in creating fear to the other murders not yet identified. It is likely that most of the unidentified murderers shy off or abandon the immoral practice. It is perceived that an increase in the execution of identified murderers would cause a decrease in the insecurity of a society. The increased level of threats to the unethical practice of homicide and cases of repeated murder rate would also fall. Death should be the capital punishment for murderers all over the world. Finally, considering that death is a threat to most individuals, people are less likely to indulge in any illegal practice that has death as a penalty. Therefore, a guarantee from the global judicial system in implementing death penalty to murderers will ensure people avoid murder crimes. Indeed, it is an alarm to most to revive and an advantage for eliminating killers from the society. However, critics argue that death penalty is inhumane and should not be practiced. According to human rights supporters, it is wrong to take away lives. At the same time,  it is fair to allow people who are a threat to the community to continue living. Even though incidences of prisoners being executed wrongfully have been experiencing, contemporary legal system is sophisticated enough to make sure that innocent people are not executed. As a result, the families and the society are affected in a negative way. However, the factors should not deter death penalties from being implemented for they are manageable. The judicial commission and systems should invest in an adequate investigation and ensure that they derive sufficient evidence for the case before execution. With firm evidence, innocent people will not face death penalty, and the society will embrace the judicial ruling with ease.


Death penalty ensures that all the identified murderers are eliminated from the cultures. Additionally, it is the adoption of the guarantees that any person convicted of murder faces an equal punishment. The practices increase the effectiveness of the judicial systems in reducing the number of murderers in the communities. A death penalty is a permanent solution to the problem existing of murders cases in the society; hence, it should be embraced. As evidenced by the essay above, the practice has considerable positive effects. Therefore, adopting the policy in the global law system would be more advantageous and help cut down the number of murder cases reported annually in the world. However, the practice of death penalty can be viewed in different perspectives. In order to eliminate the possible faults and cut down the number of risks associated with death penalty, a thorough research on the accusations should be made. The investigation should clarify the viability of the guiltiness of the accused to ensure that innocent people are not wrongfully convicted. Finally, with evidence on the convicts, the punishment will not have gone in contrast to the human rights act.


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