What does the Word "Life" Means to Different People

What Does the Word Life Means to Different People? There is no direct answer to this question I can only say about what it means to me and speak about my understanding of life and its nature. Obviously, when people explain something to another person, they become more knowledgeable in the sphere they are talking about. My personal view for life is that I need to live it in the way to manage my ambitions. At the same time, it is important for me to become someone, who would be able to help the other people. This help will be aimed at support to achieve success in the lives of people as well as to teach them how to keep what they already have on the same level.

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Wheel of Life

There is a famous term called "the wheel of life". This is a circle that helps people improve all their aspects of life, one by one and thus making it better every single day. Therefore, since I heard about this wheel of life I began to think of what I should do in order to improve my life for the better. As I started to learn about it in more detail, I realized that in order to improve my own life, I need to know where I am today in the very beginning of my personal development. In this way I will be able to follow the improvement process and achieve my goals every time. The wheel of life has different areas that people need to know about and work on them each time they feel something is not in order. The main idea of this wheel is to choose at least three areas of life and start doing at least one action a day in order to improve the chosen spheres.

There are different kinds of spheres there are in this wheel of life as each of them is very important. If people choose to improve at least one of its parts, the rest of them will also be improved shortly. This works in the following way, people think of the number from 1 till 10, where they consider their chosen area of life is and mark it on the scale of the life wheel. To illustrate, let me choose one area of life called "relationships"; I consider it to be 7 today and I think that this is indeed what I feel about relationships. There are a lot more areas of life and it is possible to add more in case needed. Since this wheel of life exists for a long time, there are basic areas of life that could be considered as the major ones. These areas of the life wheel are business and career, finances, health, family and friends, romance, personal growth, fun and recreation, and physical environment. Surely every particular person is concentrated in the very center of the wheel and assesses how one personally treats each and every aspect of life. Such a process continues in turns and no matter which sphere is chosen first. Exactly as the rules of the road, whether one knows them or not, he or she is to be responsible for any actions that are against the law. The same happens with the wheel of life, there are certain areas of life and people are responsible for all of them. They also have a full responsibility for the whole life, which is totaled 100 per cent.

In order to start working on the evaluation process and actually do something in order to improve the life aspects, it is important to understand the basics. First of all, this is all about how people feel or evaluate their lifespan. The second aspect is the choice of what they do and actually how they perform every single action in their lives. The third attention is given to the actions, in other words, what people do or how they implement their plans for your future. Finally, a very important area of life is to watch or observe the world around. It is possible to define the future only by evaluating the outcomes of the thoughts and actions.

It is also important to think of the life facts that one has for today and analyze them for the future reference, the idea is to improve the life being before it is not too late. What else can I add? My opinion of these facts is that I need to start thinking of my life every single day. To me personally, I need to do everything possible in order to improve my future and this could be managed only in the way of helping other people.

Helping people is a very difficult thing as it is possible to help others only in the areas one happens to be more or less successful. To me, this means freedom in some areas of thinking; achievements and energy applied in the actions to help other people. The thing is to make people see what they have today and value every moment of their lives. This is not just going to the job and getting back home, to have a snack or watch TV there are a lot more things people can do in order to live the life of a dream. There are very important aspects of life that I consider of great importance and they are trust and honor, respect and acceptance, and finally, communication that people always need to have in place. It is important to renegotiate one's life and be able to find a compromise in everything people do in a team, community, and even family, which is of the most importance.

To summarize, life is a combination of three spheres such as physical, mental and spiritual that all together make up a unique gift of nature that is aimed at living not just by means of the word but also to feel as if one is the master of the Universe and was sent here to prosper. This is what success in life is; one always has to think of what responsibility to take for life and how to consider oneself to be successful. Success means many different aspects for different people. For me personally, it means helping other people to become successful and live a better life. What I think is that success in life is the combination of three aspects: skills and knowledge, way of thinking and finally the environment people live in as this is what they choose.


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