Seminar in Psychology

The dependent variables will be measured by observation and interviews on voluntary persons who have at least for once participated in one night stands. The research will focus on seeking all questions that are unaddressed in several researches concerning sexuality and sexual behaviors. Men and women will be asked similar questions in order to eliminate any biasness that could arise as a result of asking different questions among participants.

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List of Participants

Participants would be those people who, at least, have once participated in one-night stands either by chance or by choice. These participants would be taken from both big cities, small towns as well as in the rural parts of California State. Participants would be from different ages, those who are sexually active. This means that they will be from the age of 16 to 60 years. They will also be from different social classes since the research wants to tackle beyond social class issues. Furthermore, the research will involve those participants have achieved high level of education such as doctoral degrees as well as those who have achieved the least education.

There would be no need to have a control group to establish the effectiveness of the research. This is because the research aims at involving large number of participants who are from different social and political set up. It is also not conducive to set a control group since the research question involves two groups, male and female. Therefore, to set a control group, one needs bisexual individuals. It is quite difficult to find wiling bisexuals to express themselves.

List the Variables (if any) to Control

Variables that would have to be controlled include the age, education, social class as well as the set up of participants. Participants will be assured of confidentiality of their information since failure to that may lead to poor results of the research. Participants would also be asked questions that are simple to answer.

Popular Work Breakdown Structure Software Tools

A work breakdown structure is a deliverable oriented hierarchical decomposition or breakdown of components. It is usually common in project management as well as systems engineering. It may be a product, data or service or even any of the combinations involving the three. It is an essential tool that provides essential framework for comprehensive cost approximating as well as providing guidance for development and control.

Work Breakdown Structure enables calculation of costs by summing up subordinate costs of materials and tasks into successive higher level hierarchy. Work breakdown structure can be used to define the scope of a project. In essence, WBS states deliverables or planned outcomes rater than the work needed to produce the outcome. It can be used in cost accounting as well as mapping requirements from one level of system specification to a higher or lower level of documentations. Work Breakdown Structure advanced with Program Evaluation and Review Technique in the United States. In summary, Work Breakdown Structure can be show the following at a glance.

Various Elements of the Project

  • Distribution of work between elements of a project.
  • Distribution of cost between elements of a project.
  • Division of larger elements of a project into smaller elements.

Currently, there is software that can be used to develop Work Breakdown Structures of different projects. Examples of this software include the MindView, WBS Tool, WBS Chart Pro as well as Edraw Max.

MindView is software for a highly effective way of thinking, developing and constructing ideas visually (Mind Mapping Software). It can be used by individuals and groups. It develops Mind Maps which can be used for presentation, reports as well as websites. It can be simple as well as complex. It has a wide range of export options to Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Project, HTML as well as other formats. WBS can be created by simply defining the project's end product and main deliverables.

Another software tool for WBS is the WBS Tool. This is online software that is freely available for building Project WBS, organograms and WBS charts. It is applicable to any web browser with an adobe flash plugin.

WBS Chart Pro is a tool that is used to plan and display projects using the hierarchical WBS. It shows how the project is broken down into deliverables. It is a standalone planning program and can also be an add-on to Microsoft Project. It can be used to sketch down a project plan on a top-down approach. It can also be used to create WBS charts from the already existing MS Project plans.

Edraw Max is also software used to come up with the WBS. It provides approach of creating and to modify WBS both visually and graphically. It is user friendly since it allows a person to follow instructions in a simple way and come up with several types of hierarchical charts in addition to WBS (Work Breakdown Structure Software).


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