Antibiotics are one of the most useful inventions of the human. Many lives have been saved with their help since Alexander Fleming found out penicillin. That discovery was absolutely accidental, according to the scientist. It has changed the world, and led to a new way of thinking and to a new method of fighting diseases. However, everything changes, and now people have got other problems. The main issue is bacterial evolution. Each time people have to increase the dose of antibiotic, and sooner or later they can appear to be useless.

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Such a resistance is a widespread phenomenon now, and it becomes more and more dangerous threat to the human. There are a lot of bacteria which can totally resist antibiotic activity. That is why many scientists are trying to solve this problem. They are working really hard and have some success. If it happens that antibiotic cannot help, people usually find another kind of antibiotic, which was not used before. Finally, the balance between bacteria and the human is kept.

Luckily, there are a lot of different kinds of antibiotics, and bacteria do not have resistance against all of them. However, it is also common that bacteria can even mutate, and it is really hard to find something to fight them, for example, a pig flew and other diseases.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to imagine our life without antibiotics. People should fight and invent more and more different ways to ignore antibiotic resistance. Some day scientists will find out a new universal antibiotic against everything, and it will never be resisted again. Let's hope that time, when every antibiotic will be resisted, will not happen.


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