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My Future Job Plan

I have been able to evaluate my line of career and designed a career plan. I got the ideas in the areas I would suitably and efficiently work. I have also identified the variety of companies that I can fit and work passionately and also the process of achieving it. The position that I target is to be a director of a big limited company in the human resource department. Primarily a financial services corporation’s such as a Bank. The reason for coming up with the conclusion is because working together with people has always been a motivation. Team coordination is something I have always admired in my career. My confidence is also backed up by the psychometric testing that I carried out.

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The role of a manager bears significant responsibilities. It will boost my zeal and add experience that will help me to appraise my performance and productivity as a manager. The manager’s job description and responsibilities is wide. It includes planning the function and operation in the department that one is assigned. He needs to Organize and implement the workforce, training and allocate resources necessary to meet up the desired outcomes to achieve the set goals. Other responsibilities include; providing the employees with the essential resources and also giving them guidance, leadership, direction and the necessary support to ensure that they achieve their goals.

A manager should monitor employees to ensure the plan is followed and assurance is accomplishment. He should asses and reviews the success of goals, plan and employee’s distribution. He has a responsibility to perform other various tasks as directed by the overall manager or the board of directors.

In every human resource team, there are several disciplines. These include recruitment, employee relations, development and training, reward and enforce law. Being responsible and a hardworking manager, I was allowed to have directly reporting employees for whom I provide leadership. I was also permitted to go through all the disciplines. Therefore, I was able to identify the areas where I can show the best out of me. I was inspired by recruitment and employee relations. In relation with employee dismissal and joblessness, I knew it will be a great challenge, but at the same time will thrive in as my ability to make a decision.

After having a complete assessment through interviews and questionnaires from different groups of people, I realized that I have much potential to influence employees. It indicates that am a social individual, and decided to capitalize on it. It is a something that will be of great assistance in my field of human resources. It also indicates that I will create a purposeful and friendly atmosphere that will be of advantage to work and achievement of the set goal. It is suggested that through influence, both the employees and the manager are able to plan, develop and implement unpopular decisions. As a human resource manager, I need to work on in order to lead from the front. I also need to work so as to meet the expectations of the overall management. It is important to handle a bad situation when handling disciplinary action against an employee. It is bad to avoid or underplay any bad situation. It was a suitable indicator to stand in the gap and represent the person that I believe I am.

I realized more companies are using psychometric tests when they are making promotional decisions and during recruitment. I realized when I invest my time and energy in getting into grips; these tests can supply an extra edge one needs in order to succeed. I also had known that competition for good jobs is fierce, for that reason I had realized to know what employees are looking for to get the job appropriate for me. I also passed the aptitudinal test by finding out how to increase my accuracy and speed in verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests. I was able to learn the techniques that I needed in order to handle tricky, partial and mechanical reasoning questions. Numerical reasoning was also a priority since I knew it had increasingly become popular during the hob election process, this was primarily tests of my reasoning ability and the maths needed was straightforward. The verbal reasoning tests are designed to measure one’s ability to understand all the concepts that are framed in wards.

After having gone through all those tests, I was also given the opportunity to undergo some group’s interview questions. Through the same, I was able to gain a lot of confidence and familiarize myself and understand in details what interviews are all about. I also learned the ways in which I can improve and strengthen the way I respond to questions. During the interviews, I also noted that courage also determines the fluency of your response. Although initially I was a bit tense I kept on improving to the extent that the observers did not notice that I was nervous. The observers told me that I looked so much composed and intelligent; they also noted that I appeared confident and that I had a very appropriate body language. Throughout the interview, the observers also noted that I had an audible speech in my responses. The observers noted that I explained my point clearly using varied situations and replies to the questions that I was given and also concluded every question positively or a notable positive point from every situation. They went further and advised me to go into more details in my response and the actions taken and describe in greater depth the achieved results. Due to this experience I have a lot of confidence to face any challenge in the future and as long as any future interview situation is concerned. I also have confidence about how to face difficult interview questions that I may come across in future as well as understanding that. Though I might be a bit nervous, I learnt that it is important to keep eye contact throughout the interview.

As a way of furthering all this I also went through a practice assessment Centre, this assessment Centre represents the most intimidating and challenging selection process I faced. One is judged on the performance in comparison against other candidates and the candidates want the job as much as you do. It was still a preparation for any future assessment activity that I might undergo. In this process, we were grouped in different groups where we were to carry out some tasks chosen by the company. People from various groups observed. Within these I performed very well in good standards in two other areas. I had a personal observer who noted that I was composed and shown great awareness to the work details and shown excellent ability in my expression of my worthy points. My observer also noted that I used the communication tools correctly to demonstrate my ideas. The general feedback that I got has helped me to know the areas where I need to improve and which areas to capitalize on. This I will do by having more psychometric tests in the near future.


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