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It is an undeniable fact that football is number one social event that attracts millions of fans across the world during the year. The players do everything possible in order to win the championships and receive a cup while at the same time entertaining their ardent fans. Apart from that, due to its profitability, football teams can be regarded as business entities, which have to be well-managed and perfectly coordinated in order to bring the desired results. Earning money is one of the main prerogatives of modern football not only to pay the players but also make the club owners raise profit, as well. Some of the best football teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Barcelona are well-managed and, therefore, very profitable for their owners. In order to create and establish a football club, it will, therefore, be prudent to ascertain the secret behind the success of the most renowned football clubs so that to emulate them. 

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Analysis of the Barcelona Football Club

There are many managing techniques behind the success of the Barcelona Football club which can be emulated in order to make the newly established team a successful one. It should be also noted that Barcelona has revolutionized the world of football by its “tiki-taka” style of play that is exhibited by its team members. Based on the analysis of the tactics used by Barcelona, it is obvious that it has a style of its own. Same as with other top teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, Barcelona has understood that football is actually a “numbers game.” Therefore, both the coaches and the managers of the most popular football clubs are now looking for specific advantages regarding the statistics of the game, for instance, the information of who possessed the game the most or who passed the ball to whom, as well as the parts of the pitch that were most covered. 

Game Analysis. The Secret Behind the Team’s Success

According to the studies, it was ascertained that, indeed, the gathered data goes beyond the number of shots shot on the target and the proportion of the game based on the possession of the ball. Therefore, the coaches of Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal are interested in not only the shapes but also the patterns regarding how a specific play unfolds. The success of the newly created team will, therefore, highly depend on the analysis of the games in order to ascertain the statistics and determine the best players. The Microsoft Word will be highly useful in describing the actual state of the team, keeping the records and personal data of the team members, as well as making the reports regarding the team’s performance. Moreover, most of the fans have now become accustomed towards visuals like heat maps, which depict the territory that the players in the teams were able to cover during the course of the game, and even diagrams depicting the web passes that eventually resulted in a goal. 

It can also be asserted that Barcelona as a club is famous not only because of the eye-popping shows and flair of skills of its top players like Lionel Messi but also because of the fact that the team has initiated a new playing style. This playing technique applies the need to ensure that the opposing side is ‘starved of the ball’ as one of the keys to the win. As mentioned earlier, this style is now regarded as “tiki-taka,” and it normally involves the possession of the ball through passing it in a “tight web” of the small touches. Further, the defensive style of the world-famous teams like Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool is also highly attributed to their success. The adoption of the specific defensive styles by these great teams has transformed the game into brilliant and bold maneuvres that are designed to secure their winning goals.

Based on a close analysis of the above major teams, it has become evident that the success of the football club which is planned to be initiated will be based on various factors like winning goals, being patient, ensuring that mistakes are avoided at all stages and making sure that the team is not likely to concede or lose in championships.  

The success of the world’s top clubs is also highly depended on the analysis of other teams from all over the globe, for instance, those in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and England. Therefore, this analysis is made to gain an understanding of the most frequent mistakes and the best-played moments to use them in own playing techniques. Moreover, knowing the strong and weak points of the competitors allows to gain a competitive edge and be in a better position of getting distinctive motifs in the passing patterns. It should also be noted that despite the fact there have been previous studies regarding the pass networks or patterns, however, these have actually tended to put more emphasis and concentration on the passes between the specific players of the team. Moreover, the success of the top football teams of the world is based on various factors like pride, loyalty, and humility. As a result, all my team members and all the stakeholders will, therefore, need to embrace these attributes in order to become successful and make a name for the new team. Humility is a vital issue in the formation and maturation of any team because all the stakeholders of a football team have to conduct themselves in the right manner.  Attached there is an Excel spreadsheet that shows the income obtained for the two of the major clubs. 

It is prudent to note that the success of any given club in various matches will be highly dependent on the profitability of the team. For example, both the “UEFA Cup” and the “UEFA Championship League” Cups are crucial to most of the Football clubs in the world. They have lucrative broadcasting fees and bonuses. It should be noted that the establishment of the new football club and its success will, therefore, be highly dependent on its profitability. It is caused by the fact the successes of my new team in various competitions will also imply both higher global exposure and visibility thus helping the team to capture a wider fan base. In addition to that, the success of the team will also be based on numerous sources of revenue. For instance, the source of revenue for the major teams in the world like Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona and Liverpool is the sale of souvenirs, football kits and other team-related goods. It is, therefore, a known fact that the broader the fan bases of a club, the higher the demand for its merchandise thus the higher the revenue. As for the newly created team, it will, therefore, aim at investing more in extending the fan base so as to increase the revenues.  

The use of Microsoft Excel in the Management of NGFC

The use of Microsoft Excel will give the new club, the NGFC, the much needed tools that will be required in order to make the best out of their resources, as well as maximizing the club’s Return on Investment (R.O.I). Information will, therefore, be easily collated and analyzed through the use of this spreadsheet program. Financial information and other vital data will be better displayed through the use of the program. That apart, the salaries for the club’s players will also be calculated and managed through in the spreadsheets, which will automatically be updated upon adding new information or entries. The program can also be used by NGFC in building charts regarding the performance of the team and data structuring due to the use of the conditional formatting, which comprises of the colour shades, italics and bolds to differentiate the various kinds of data. Apart from helping the Football Club to identify and track the main trends, Microsoft Excel will also be crucial in bringing various documents and files together to integrate them in one single destination.  

In conclusion, it can be asserted that the success of the new football team will rely on its ability to gain higher profits that will arise from an extensive fan base and selling of the club’s wares. The club should also be capable of maintaining stability with time so as to be able to significantly minimize fluctuation and risks for its potential investors. In view of this aspect, my the club should be able to generate an increasing net income to conduct its operations with ease. The excel table attached depicts the Net Sales and the Net income for two of the major clubs in England namely Arsenal and Liverpool, and it also describes their fan base. 

The management of the New Athletic Club using the Database (Microsoft Access)

The use of Microsoft Access will be handy in managing the new athletic club. For instance, Microsoft Access will be used in storing the names of the club’s stakeholders (players, managers, coaches, doctors, employees, and all the relevant personnel to the club). In addition to that, Microsoft Access will be applied in storing the names of the players, their countries of origin, as well as the payments stipulated for each player on a weekly basis. The storage of such information in an integrated database will greatly aid in management of the club’s activities when there is a need to quickly gain access to vital and important data regarding the team and its members. In addition to that, the use of a common data pool by the new team will help it to better manage the different aspects within the firm.   

The idea to establish a football team known as the “The New Generation Football Club” or NGFC was based on various factors. One of the determining elements was the possibility to help young and talented sportsmen to realize their potential. The idea of having the opportunity to manage young people in making use of their skills while gaining profit seems risky, however, a flattering one. 

In addition, it should be noted that to run, manage and control the endeavor the use of technology is needed. A high number and a wide variety of data used and stored require the application of software that will facilitate the managing process.  Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel can be linked to Microsoft Access to ensure that data and information of the New Generation FC are easily available whenever needed. Moreover, the use of both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access will ensure that the data is not only safely stored but also well-organized and consolidated for the use of the club. Microsoft will help the club to not only make tables but also create queries and views to access data. It will ensure that there is data integrity, and the users can both share and update relevant information so as to create convenient forms and reports. Microsoft Office will greatly help the NGFC to manage its assets, store the contacts of various stakeholders, manage issues that are related to the club, plan events, create marketing projects, design the sales pipelines and arrange various tasks. Attached is a sample of an Access or database that can be used in the storage of the names for players and other stakeholders at NGFC.   

The Importance of Using Microsoft PowerPoint in Managing the NGFC

Microsoft PowerPoint will be used by NGFC in order to provide the new team with an effective interface to design multimedia slides which will be displayed on either personal computers or the projection systems. That apart, the use of MS PowerPoint will come in hand in coaching or training the players especially after practice sessions to show the players their moves and present the manoeuvres to be applied during the game. Moreover, mistakes made by the team can be studied and analyzed and corrective measures discussed.  Microsoft PowerPoint incorporates the use of sounds, images, charts, text, videos and other multimedia so as to yield an interactive presentation. In addition to that, Microsoft PowerPoint will also be capable of interacting with other Office Software like Microsoft Word in order to make informative presentations and analysis to yield constructive results for the Club.  

In conclusion, it can be asserted that the four Microsoft Office programs will be of the utmost importance to NGFC by assisting the club to effectively carry out its operations. Through the adoption of the current technology, the club will be able to have a competitive edge over the others.  


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