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What Type of Weird Food our Presidents Ate

It's a well-known fact that on every President's Day, all American presidents are honored and remembered for their tremendous impact on the USA, as well as their leadership. Frankly speaking, this year has been devoted to honoring our past presidents in a special way, namely by recognizing the unusual foods they liked.

  • Bill Clinton

To tell you the truth, Bill Clinton had penchant for different kinds of fast food taking into consideration the fact that he was captured and seen in a Saturday Night Live skit in 1992. Apparently, the video seems to be trust worthy, too. This happened as he ran in the capitol. The president made up his mind to stop for a Big Mac at a McDonald's together with his crew. However, the cheeseburger is not believed to be the only preference concerning all-American cuisine that characterized the 42nd president. In fact, he was partial to it even living in the White House. The official chef, of course, didn't like this fact because he would rather serve sophisticated French dishes. As a result, he was some time later replaced by another chef who preferred dishing up various traditional American meals that had a healthy slant.

  • George Washington

Let's move to the topic of discussing the weirdest food that George Washington ate. It's important to mention that wooden teeth of our first president must have been really strong since he supposedly managed to crack nuts with them. What is more, in the President's Cookbook, which was written by Patricia Brooks and Poppy Cannon, it was admitted that even though George Washington couldn't be called a foodie, but regarding nuts he was crazy. (By the way, you should also love nuts - they are high in fiber and protein and can be helpful in losing weight faster). Apart from that, the book recounts concerning the fact that he would buy different hazelnuts by the barrel, grew a few varieties of walnuts that were on his plantation in Virginia. As a matter of fact, he decided to plant 30 nut trees, exclusively in 1763. In addition, the president complained in one of his letters that his trees were stolen for the wood by "poachers." George Washington used to carry a handful of nuts in his pocket, so that his favorite snack would be constantly available for him.

  • William Howard Taft

We proceed with talking about politicians eating tastes, in particular, presidents food. It's interesting to know that for our stately president, the best dish was turtle soup. The president had a particular chef who needed to perform only one duty. As you have already guessed, this duty was preparing this soup. Although these days we might raise our eyebrows, but our country's earlier years, it was considered to be a delicacy. Furthermore, it was served on the first transcontinental trains and at presidential inaugurations. Truly speaking, there were a lot of green turtles in the original colonies.

  • George H.W. Bush

Would you like to know George W Bush favorite food? If your answer to this question is yes, continue reading and you will be surprised. The president revealed that his top snack was pork rinds. Consequently, this dish became so popular back then in the United States that Rudolph Foods Company that was pork rind manufacturer needed to ask its workers to work overtime in order to meet the demand.

  • George Bush

The proverb: "Like father, like son" might be the best description of the George Bush's tastes with regard to food. He also told Walter Scheib, White House Chef, that he didn't like vegetables. On the contrary, he asked for "cheeseburger pizzas." Nevertheless, his most adorable food moment is thought to be when he ate a pretzel and nearly choked as he was watching Sunday Night Football.

  • Lyndon B. Johnson

As soon as Lyndon B. Johnson became president, he gave up drinking alcohol replacing it with a not similar beverage: Fresca. There was even a separate button for this grapefruit soda because it was to a great extent in demand by the president. (In his Oval Office, he had also buttons for tea, coffee, and Coke that were installed on his desk.) Speaking about the grub he preferred, canned peas, sweet potatoes, and tapioca pudding were his favorite ones.

  • Richard Nixon

This president is definitely remembered for many things, but at the top of the list is actually his favorite breakfast. Richard Nixon loved to mix pineapple and cottage cheese. One of the most interesting facts about him is that he adored it so much that he decided to eat it before resigning from office as his last presidential meal.

  • Gerald Ford

His favorite meal was pot roast and it was served with red cabbage. Furthermore, he enjoyed German pancakes, as well as fresh strawberries. To tell you the truth, his most adorable dish was waffles with sour cream and strawberries.

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