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Upgrade Your Creativity

Usually, people associate creativity with artists, writers, and actors. However, in order to increase the productivity and profitability of studying at school, college or university, you must be a creative person. Here are some recommendations and tips on how to improve your creativity.

  • Do not Criticize Yourself

Do not criticize. Refuse from perfectionism. Do not try to do everything right. Practice constantly and progress will inevitably come. Even if people around do not approve of your enthusiasm, continue doing it anyway. Try to develop in one direction. Go to the interesting exhibition or concerts.

  • Find Free Time for Physical Activity

Walks or jogging and exercises help you feel good; they are necessary in order to engage in creativity. You can relax and distract, and that is very important for the brain, which will be able to generate new ideas.

  • Do not Stop

If you want to create something (a book or a picture), this is great. Maybe a thing, which you are going to create, will seem rubbish to you. Create such rubbish. The more things you create, the more you stimulate your mind to make something new and exciting. If you are waiting for perfect ideas, you may be waiting for them forever.

  • Manage Your Time for Creativity

Modern people are very busy. Creative people plan time for work on their projects. You must do this as well. Do not wait until you have "more free time." If you have only five minutes a day, that will be enough. Begin to change yourself right now.

  • Begin to Play

Children like toys and creative adults also enjoy them. If you can do something yourself, build a model of the plane, cook lunch of five dishes or knit a sweater. It will stimulate your creativity.

  • Ask Questions

To become more creative, you must ask questions; this is very important for you. Ask not only yourself but others too.

  • Trust Your Own Intuition

Your creativity depends on your intuition. Everybody has it. Such kind of brain activity can help you improve your creative skills.

  • Do Not Forget To Rest and Sleep

Of course, when you have inspiration, you want to create something for a long time. However, be careful; do not allow the appearance of fatigue. Do not stay up all night, painting a picture. A good rest helps the central nervous system resume overnight, and you will have new strength and ideas in the morning.

  • Read a Lot of Books

Reading plays a huge role in the development of creativity. This is a very useful thing. In addition to the fact that you will acquire new knowledge, you will also improve your imagination. Those people who read a lot of books have the best imaginative thinking. They are successful in drawing pictures and writing essays. By the way, such skills are very useful for students of schools and colleges.

  • Travel

Even if you do not have time and money to fulfill your dream and travel around the world, visit places that are near your city. A trip is a new experience that can change your vision of the world and improve your creative skills. Your journeys can bring you many new ideas. For example, if you see a beautiful landscape or an architectural monument, you immediately want to draw or write a short story about it.

  • Listen to the Proper Music

In order to adjust yourself to the creative mood, you need to listen to the appropriate music. Scientists have proved that classical music has the most favorable effect on the human nervous system and the brain. Turn on a quiet melody, let it be the background, it will relax you and will help to generate interesting ideas more efficiently. Although it depends on your feeling at the moment, you can just listen to your favorite song and get positive emotions.

  • Learn About the Works of Others

In order to become successful in creativity, you need to learn something new constantly. One of the best ways to do this is to visit various exhibitions, concerts, master classes, etc. Surely, in your school or college, students often present their works at exhibitions, so visit them; perhaps the pictures of your classmates will inspire you to create your own masterpieces. If you live in a small town or village and creative events take place in your life not so often, you can search for information about art on the Internet. By the way, you can learn the whole theoretical basis of any creativity in such a way.

  • Find Creative Friends

Viewpoints of young people very often depend on their social circle. Therefore, it is very important that your friends are intelligent and creative people. If your mates think only about alcohol and cigarettes, it is unlikely that you will learn something good from them. Communicate with people who like reading books and drawing. Be engaged in common activities. For example, sewing small toys from scraps of cloth or pottery are very interesting. You and your friends will always have topics for conversation.

  • Eat Good Food

It would seem that this piece of advice could not be related to creativity. However, in fact, the right and nutritious diet helps the human brain to work more effectively. Eat natural and healthy products. Do not forget about meat, fresh vegetables and nuts, they will become the main source of energy for your body.

  • Walk a Lot

Even if you have a car, try to walk as much as possible. This is a great opportunity to think and pay attention to interesting things around you. Sometimes, in a hurry, people do not notice the beauty of nature or the unusual architecture, which are very close to them. In addition, such walks are good for your health. Everything is interconnected in the human body. If you accustom yourself to walking, your body will always be in tonus; blood circulation will improve and, in consequence, the brain will begin to work more actively. Strolls and the fresh air will help saturate your blood with oxygen, which is useful for your body.

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