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What do you associate with college life? The first thing that comes to my mind is essays, tons of essays. You start your college life with the application essay, go through it with millions of writing assignments and to get your diploma you need to ....write a research (which is a longer essay). So, I hope we have established that academic success means writing a lot and you truly realize how important writing is. Of course, not everyone can have natural writing talent, and this is the moment when our blog comes in handy. Our best writers share their writing secrets with you, and today we have prepared for you the MBA essay writing guide.

What is an MBA Essay?

Usually, the term "MBA essay" (MBA application essay or MBA admission essay) is connected to MBA admissions process and is used to an essay that supports other application parts like test results, resume, recommendation letter, etc. When applying to business schools, you need to achieve great studying and test results, have relevant work experience and be a successful participant in MBA programs. And here is where MBA essay comes into game - it should describe your achievements to admission committee and differentiate you from other applicants. However, your business school may not include MBA essay in the list of the application package. So do not write one, if it is not required. If writing this essay is optional, you DO need to write it to set yourself apart from your competitors.

MBA EssayFormat

When talking about writing MBA essay, we cannot omit format for MBA admission essay. Every MBA essay should be written according to the specific format requirements. For example, you need to set one-inch margins on each side to have enough white space around the text. The best practice is to use a font that is easily read. Of course, funny Comic Sans font cannot be used in the paper that has to introduce you as a desirable student. Most commonly used options are Time New Roman, Georgia, Arial or Calibri. These fonts are easily read, strict and "more formal" (they do not have funny tails or embellishments). However, your business school may provide you with different instructions, so be sure to follow them.

Consider how to structure your essay

The most common structure of essays is a five-paragraph article. Make each paragraph not longer than seven sentences but make sure that the size of your paragraphs is nearly the same. When you make the first paragraph eight sentences long and the last one is a two-sentence paragraph, your essay structure looks unbalanced and illogical. Also, it is vital to link your paragraphs with the help of strong transition words. Thus, your essay will sound logically and clearly. The most important keys to a successful essay are clarity and cohesion.

The introductory paragraph should start with a hook - the first two sentences must capture the reader's attention and make them read the next parts of your essay. How to grab your readers" attention? At first, let"s clear out that you"re not writing fiction, so being over creative will not benefit your essay. You need to make the topic of your essay clear from the first sentence, so make MBA personal statement.

The next question is what information should you put in the body paragraphs? They should include details that support your statement. These paragraphs are the most important part of your essay because they prove your qualification. So, every single word, which you put in your essay, should be meaningful and show your positive sides. Do not write anything that does not go along with your introductory paragraph and the theme of your essay in general.

In the last paragraph of your MBA essay, you should briefly summarize the main points of your paper. It should be the conclusion: clear and precise! The biggest mistake you can make when writing a conclusion is adding new evidence or points. Just repeat your major point again.

That was last formatting tip in our MBA admission essay guides. So let"s dig into more MBA essay tips.

MBA Admission Essay Tips

  • Start Writing in Advance

Perhaps, this is the most common tip - start writing well before the deadline. When you start in advance, you have enough time and do not feel time pressure. Starting your essay does not mean writing right away. You need to gather information - ask opinions of the closest people on your strong personal and professional qualities.

  • Do Not Brag About Your Accomplishments, but Show Them

When writing your MBA essay, you need to show qualities that are necessary to achieve success in business school. MBA admissions committees need to believe that you are a good, reliable leader.

  • Determine Your Goals

However, MBA admission essay should include not only achievements but future goals as well. Describe your goals as clear as possible. A strong vision of your future will show that you are a determined person who knows what he/she wants and is ready to work hard to pursue your aim. Also, describe the role of MBA program in your future.

  • Stay Concise

Remember that you are applying to a business, not literature school, so the golden rule here is "sometimes, less is more". In business writing, you need to show clarity, flowery language does not sound professional.

  • Ask for Editing

Even good writers sometimes miss their mistakes. So it is always a good idea to ask someone to edit your paper. MBA essay means too much for your future to take the risk. Do not spoil your impression with a stupid typo.


  1. Brag about your high school success.

  2. Submit poorly written essays that tell nothing about you.

  3. Add jargon to your paper.

  4. Make public half-baked reasons for entering the MBA schools.

  5. Make your essay too long.

  6. Submit non-proofread paper full of typos and grammar mistakes.

  7. Make excuses.

  8. Being impersonal in your statement.

  9. Make your paper too general.

  10. Write an essay using informal style.

Good luck with MBA admission essay!

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