When asked to write an interpretive paper, you may get stuck on this task having no idea how this assignment should be tackled. Most probably, you will type “How to write an interpretive essay?” in your search engine trying to find a step-by-step guide that will help you write this paper successfully. No wonder this academic paper will probably take a great part of your overall grade. Thus, you need to do your best to get a good grade for it. This type of essay requires an in-depth analysis of a particular literary piece. When presenting your analysis, you will need to interpret and evaluate the subject in an engaging way. To handle this task professionally, you will need to:

  • Choose an appropriate topic for your paper;
  • Figure out what literary elements you should choose for your analysis;
  • Be able to analyze mood, setting, symbolism, and many other aspects;
  • Carefully study the chosen subject;
  • Write a paper following the latest writing standards and conventions.

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What Is an Interpretive Essay?

Following a common interpretive essay definition, this paper focuses on the interpretation or critical analysis of a particular literary piece. Thus, when writing this text, a student is supposed to break down the analyzed subject into several parts and suggest alternative meanings for all of its components. Such an essay is widely assigned in literature, art, and other humanities. This task can be assigned to students in both introductory and advanced classes as it allows the professor to evaluate the student’s critical thinking and analytical skills. To handle this assignment successfully, one should possess a high level of creativity, as well as a deep awareness of the subject.

How to Write a Good-Looking Interpretive Essay?

As mentioned above, when composing your essay, you will need to take a literary piece and analyze its main segments from different perspectives. The best way to analyze the literary work is to break it down into several pieces and analyze them one by one.

To engage your reader, your interpretive paper should be developed logically. According to the standards of academic writing, your paper should be balanced, which means that it should include an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Have a look at top tips that will help you turn a simple essay into a marvelous one:

  • Pay attention that your interpretive paper is not a summary of the work. Many students make the same mistake by turning their papers into summaries. However, it is a misconception since this is a unique task that requires a unique approach. When writing such an essay, you should not focus not on the summary of the content of the literary work. Instead, you should analyze the assigned piece. In particular, you should formulate a strong thesis, and analyze the main elements of the work.
  • Choose a topic you are passionate about. If your professor allows you to choose a topic for your paper, you should pick up a literary piece that matches your interests. If you take boring or too sophisticated work for analysis, the writing process will turn into torture. Also, we strongly recommend you not to make your topic too broad because your analysis will be shallow. Instead, you should focus on a specific idea.
  • Write an interpretive essay outline. If you want to write a good essay, you need to have a plan. By spending a couple of minutes writing a plan for your paper, you will significantly economize the time spent on the writing process. A good outline will include the main ideas and statements you are going to introduce in your work.
  • Avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is one of the most terrible sins in the world of academic writing. And it is strictly punished by professors. If you want to get a good grade for your essay, you need to make sure it is authentic and plagiarism-free. You can do it by citing all the ideas and opinions of other researchers you use in your work. You can also scan your paper for unintentional plagiarism using reliable plagiarism detection checkers.
  • Follow the right structure. To make your essay easy to read, you will need to follow the traditional structure that includes an introduction, the main body part, and a conclusion. Each of these parts plays a significant role in your paper; thus, you need to do your best to write them properly.
  • Proofread the text of your paper before its submission. Even the best papers do not earn the highest grades when they are riddled with multiple grammatical and logical flaws. As soon as your paper is written, you will need to proofread it to check for mistakes.

Additional Tips on Writing an Interpretive Essay

If you are willing to receive a good grade for your paper, you need to treat this assignment professionally. This means that you need to start working on it the day it was assigned. The rush to create a good paper in no time will significantly compromise the overall result of your work. Having enough time to prepare the document will not only help you get a good grade but also allow you to enjoy the writing process.

If you lack sufficient experience in writing such academic works, you will need to check out some interpretive essay examples available on the web. Sometimes, it is better to study a well-written sample instead of reading numerous “how to write an interpretive essay” manuals.

The final draft of your paper should present a thorough analysis of a topic divided into an introductory part, main body, and a concluding statement. In the first section of the paper, you should present the literary work you are going to analyze, as well as inform your audience as to why you have chosen this subject. The main body of your paper is dedicated to the in-depth analysis of your subject. Being divided into a couple of paragraphs, this part should provide as many details on the topic as possible. Finally, in your concluding part, you will need to summarize your discussion highlighting the main ideas/findings.

We do hope that our suggestions will help you improve your interpretive paper writing skills. However, if you cannot work on this task for some reason, you can always delegate it to our seasoned experts.

Interpretive Essay Sample

It Happened One Night is a film that has endured in popularity since it is among the greatest romantic comedies in film history. Moreover, it one of the pioneering screws ball romantic comedies of its time and setting the pattern afterwards. The film contains scenes that are very classy as it is composed of various road trips such as trip by car, bus, open road, as well as by thumb in locales such as the interior of the buses and bus depots. It happened one night is a good piece of fiction that is blessed with a dialogue and a good of relatively cool scenes. In the film, there are silly notions such as Ellie running away from marriage while the guest expected her to say ‘I wil’l as well as realistic outcomes such as Warne spreading cheer to the audience despite their adventures that happened when they had no money. The paper will focus on the degree the film It Happened One Night support hegemonic discourse of its time.

It Happened One Night and Capra, known for his social commentary, are replete with moments that remark in the time the characters exist in. The film is very patriotic without instance of the stripes or stars coming out. For example, the scenic trip to New York from Florida offers a flamboyant of the world as it was back in 1934, from the poor woman on the bus who did not have money to the crooks at the bus station. According to Hummel,Capra often mixed the good side of the country with the wrong side so as to give the audience a positive feeling of the reality that is unfurnished. The scene supports that places are still romanticized. In most scenes, Capra makes use of cameras improved mobility, the wealth of outdoor scenes present in the ultimate cut experience alive as well as critical for a studio film from this time. The crucial pan trail Colbert as she makes her way to the shower of the woman outdoor from her room. The scene included seeing kids at play, getting cars of different families at work as well as abounding conversation. This reinforces the Capra idea of a community as well as confers the film vitality. The same scenario occurs when jamboree breaks out on the car they are using to travel. The breakout makes Claudette Colbert skeptical since he feared that the whole busload of people would know ‘the man on the flying trapeze’, however, it result in a solidifying moment that fulfils the beliefs of camera that once people get money, class or age they became useless underneath. The song sang at that moment was a bundle of nonsense that the entire chains acquire a warm tone of divided goodness as well as humanity. It is also hard to detect that the closing minutes of the film do not have sound or sight of Colbert and Gable. In fact, the final scene where the two acted together was a scene of discomfort since they both cling to a belief that the other caused betray of trust. This view works better than other variations of the romantic comedy formula because from the time both act out of a sense of panic not out of the sense of selfishness that has been forming. The discomfort between Colbert and Gable was resolved off the screen by just blowing the trumpet. Capra gave the movie ending satisfying as well as a suggestive moment to fade out upon by carefully building the metaphor for the Jericho walls and also through the audience’s couple of winks. Like they said about kissing, it would be interesting to watch for hours the buildup rather than watching five minutes of the act. Based on this, the movie It Happened One Night are acquainted with where to cut away with precision.

Another relevance of the movie to the issue of its time is scene between Peter and Gordon the publisher. Peters attempt to deflect pain to Gordon by undermining his story that his relationship with Ellie was garbage. However, Gordon intuitively understands what had happened since he had spent most of his time in the movie being an antagonist. This lead to a significant reversal of character expectation and portrays humanity as a bluster with humane and sympathy underneath. When Peter and Ellie were to run off to the confined bus, they find themselves in the stream. He hiked up his pants and carried Ellie across, but they were still arguing about the meaning of piggybacking. This highlights the differences between the two and confirms why their chemistry was very powerful to an extent that even when the point was meaningless, the two would jab and joke without holding back. The cleverness in the personality clash between Peter and Ellie comes from both being children. The petty squabbling does not evolve due to their class divide but from the always feeling a right urge. However, the movie rewards them for it.

The notable thing about the movie is that the performance of the stars seemed genuine and natural than the dramatic and theoretical acting of 1930 movies. It Happened One Night could easily be adapted almost verbatim from the twenty-first century if pulled by the right director, producer as well as screenwriter. For instance, the scene where hitchhiking Ellie and Peter are picked up by Hale, a singing driver, though we as the audience listens to Hales weak wobbling, Peter and Ellie were in the back seat making a private joke to each other. The fact that the public cannot get to hear their whispering makes them the background characters momentarily and gives the audience the opportunity to see just how obvious on the outside it is for people to fall in love.

Few things make It Happened One-Night movie irrelevant in its time. For instance, Gable and Colbert get so naughty while making it look effortless may cause the audience appreciate the energy and charm Capra packs in. Gable also huffing and puffing as Peter filled with bravado and gusto that he had not earned is also out of context. Moreover, his drinking problem seems to form childish drive to show off and be attractive than any other addiction nature.

In conclusion it happened one night is a movie blessed with a dialogue and a good of relatively cool scenes. Moreover, the movie is patriotic as it mixes the good side of the country with the wrong side so as to give the audience a positive feeling of the reality that is unfurnished. Some scenes are very relevant to the issue of its time such as the performance of the stars that seemed genuine and natural than the dramatic and theoretical acting of 1930 movies. Additionally, use of cameras improved mobility, the wealth of outdoor scenes present in the ultimate cut experience alive as well as critical for a studio film from this time.

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