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Difficult Interview Questions

Recruitment managers often ask hard interview questions with the help of which they want to extract information from the candidate that he or she may not want to disclose. Sometimes managers ask such questions in order to look at the candidate’s reaction or to check how he or she will behave in a stressful situation. No matter what HR managers want, it is important to be prepared for the most unexpected questions.

General Questions

  • Tell Us About Yourself

Your answer should last from one to two minutes. Tell about who you are and in what direction you are moving and developing. Use the abstracts from your resume. Speak only in a positive way.

  • What Do You Know About Our Company?

Show that you are interested in this job and that you know their products, services, their market, success, reputation, history, purpose, and philosophy. Show additional interest at this point and reveal some aspects in more detail.

  • Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

Do not speak about what you want. First, talk about the needs of the company and about what you can do for it. Show that you want to be the part of their team, pay attention to their strengths. Convince the management that you are interested in the tasks that you can solve in this position. Show that you have the same goals that the company pursues.

  • What Can You Do For Us?

Tell them about the successful experience that you had in previous jobs, how you dealt with problems, and compare your previous work with the position that this company offers. Speak only about your own merits and do not try to belittle other candidates.

  • What Aspects Of This Position Do You Find Most Attractive?

List at least three factors of attractiveness and only one that is not entirely to your liking. This one factor should not be crucial, for example, getting to work is 10 minutes longer than you expected. Attractive aspects may be the company's reputation, a good team, the opportunity to learn new things, etc.

The Hardest Interview Questions

  • Why Should We Hire You?

The company should hire you because of the knowledge, experience, and skills that you possess. Be positive, confident and accurate in your response.

  • What Do You Want To Get From This Work?

Say that you want to be able to use your skills, do a good job and get recognition. Remember that the opportunity to develop and improve is very important for you. Mention that you are interested in complex tasks, and you are sure that this work will provide you with such a challenge. Describe the position you are applying for. Be brief and guided by the results of the work and the path of achievements.

  • Why Did You Decide To Change Your Job?

Tell that the previous job limited you. Now you need to have professional development; it is time to move on.

  • What Working Environment Do You Like?

Tell that you like working in a team where people treat each other as equals, are ready to make decisions, and maintain friendly relations.

  • How Would You Rate Your Past Company?

It is a good place that allowed me to gain experience, learn new things and become more professional.

  • What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

I am very impatient. I expect my employees to start manifesting themselves from the very first task. If they fail to do this, I cease to delegate authority to them and begin to do everything on my own. However, to compensate for this weakness, I can train employees, explaining to them exactly what is expected of them.

  • Do You Want To Take My Position?

Perhaps in 20 years, but by that time you will manage the company, and you will need a good, faithful assistant who will help you control the company.

  • Can You Describe Your Dream Job?

This vacancy is my dream job that is why I submitted a resume for this position. I am very pleased that I have the opportunity to work in your company and help develop your business.

  • Have You Ever Been So Confident In Your Decision That People Called You Inflexible Or Stubborn?

I am not a modest and quiet person at all, so there are probably a few people I have been working with who could call me inflexible. However, I have never met this adjective in the description of my personal qualities or the recommendations given to me. 

  • If You Selected A Candidate For This Position, What Qualities Would You Pay Attention To?

I would pay attention to the following qualities:

  1. The ability to solve problems.
  2. The ability to build a good working relationship.

A candidate who possesses these qualities can be the perfect assistant director.

  • It Follows From Your Resume That You Were Fired Twice. How Did You Respond To These Layoffs?

After I recovered from the shock, I felt stronger. I was really fired twice, but I was able to recover both times and got the job, in which I was given more responsibility, in more successful companies.

  • Imagine That You Are Working With A Person Who Attributes All Your Ideas. How Would You Behave In This Situation?

First, I would note and praise this person for those ideas that really belong to him or her. Sometimes it is important to be generous in praise, and this is enough for a person to reciprocate.

If this method did not solve the problem, then I would try to create an environment in which each of us would submit our ideas to the authorities separately. If this solution did not help, then I would discuss the situation with this person openly.

However, if the person who uses my ideas is my boss, then I would be more cautious. To some extent, I believe that my job is to help my superiors. However, if I get a salary increase or career advancement, I will be happy.

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