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College Survival Guide

Do you know what scares most young people that are about to leave their family and go to college? Apart from the size of the student loan, of course. For many students, this is a game-changing experience and barely anyone knows the rules. Many soon-to-be-students and even some first-year students wonder how to survive college without going broke, insane or anorexic.

Top List of Important and Easy to Do College Survival Tips

  1. Get to know your roommate. While this may seem like the most obvious idea, many students fail to get to know their roommate and build the relationship that everyone could benefit from. We are not talking about BFF’s here, no! You must understand that you are not likely to become great friends; however, living together can be beneficial if you can establish mutually respectful and thoughtful partnership sharing duties and taking care about the things you are good at.

  2. Get out often. Do not just sit there in your room, buried under your books and numerous essays due God-knows-when. Once you establish your study routine, make sure to leave your room as often as possible. While you may be wondering why this item is on our list, let me tell you the following: any college tips for success list will cover networking as an important part of a successful academic career. And how can you network if you barely ever leave your room?

  3. Get to know your neighbors. The sooner you get out from your room, the better your life can be. If you have troubles with your studying, seek some academic help from other students of neighbors from your dorm. You can easily find someone majoring in the subject you are struggling with. Or create a study group to find fellow-thinkers or simply people who enjoy group studying.

  4. Explore the campus. Another popular freshman piece of advice is to find out more about the campus you are living on. Why can this be beneficial? You may find interesting places to study. Explore extra-curricular activities you may join or simply find some hidden gems like a beautiful tree, to which you can bring your date. Or you can find some extremely intriguing opportunities like a group of people playing Dungeons and Dragons and looking for another member to join.

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  5. Get off campus. It may feel safe to stay on campus all the time, but if you studying in a small college or university you may find yourself lacking some entertainment or opportunities. So get out, explore the city and find new events to attend, places to have dinner at or maybe companies to join for your internship. If you have chosen a city far from where you were born, it may be good to explore the city in order to understand whether it is a good place to stay after graduation. We all know that every city or community has their own vibes. Do you like the vibe of the place where you are studying?

  6. Set your limits. Almost every movie that pictures students’ life will show student parties at some point. And while there is nothing bad about parting if no laws are broken, it may be better to know your limits and refrain from attending too many parties. And do not forget about personal safety while returning from late parties. Do not walk alone, avoid places with a bad reputation and have some sort of protection for yourself.

  7. Get involved. Find people who share your interests or join a club, but make sure you have a community of people who share your enthusiasm. Why is it important? First of all, it is a great way to relieve the stress and develop your passion. Apart from this, it is healthy to have some people you can relax with and be yourself.

  8. Become a tutor. This may be the other side of seeking a tutor in your dorm. Almost everyone has some sort of skills that others do not have. You may be helping students struggling with your major, teaching someone to play the guitar or take pictures. A friend of mine was a genius cook, so she started a cooking club on campus helping people prepare low-budget yet delicious meals or simply pay to share a good meal with others.

  9. Spend less. It may sound weird or ridiculous at first, however, there is a no-spend movement that helps people spend less while refraining from buying useless stuff and reducing the overall consumption of the nation. #nospend movement suggests you pack your lunch from home, go at least a week/month without buying new things, opt for thrift-stores rather than boutiques and get your coffee less (or at home).

  10. Consider pot-lucks or group dining. Did you know that group meals could be up to 20% cheaper per person than single dining? Share meals with your friend, think about getting together and eating all the leftovers (on one condition: leftovers should be edible and of good quality). You may be surprised, but pot-lucks can turn from dull-meals into a festive tradition. Back in college, my friends and I had Friday-potlucks as we generally went grocery shopping on Saturday, so we could both free our fridges and have some great time together.

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So here is our college student survival guide. Do you like it? What things are helpful and what things are obvious? What things would you like to add? While these are basic rules applicable to almost every student across the country, you have to remember it is your responsibility to create an unforgettable experience and get the most of your college life.  If you want us to prepare a guide on how to survive community college, just let us know so that we can prepare it for you!

P.S.: and don’t forget that you can always rely on to help you with any academic writing you are struggling with. 

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