College Fashion Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

College students fashion seems to be the full excitement and joy at first but then somehow tends to cease to be that amazing due to the inevitable responsibilities and school rut. College is the right time for experimenting with your personal style and exploring that version of yourself you have no idea before.

If you can't stand dressing similarly to other people, though there is nothing wrong with it and it's totally okay, read on! We do believe that style is something of your own identity that is meant to show the way you are! The clothes are only your outer shell, no one doubts that fact, but it can make the difference in the way of perception of the person.

Let's compare your mood to dress up to the variety of spices you take every time you cook the same meal. The chicken is the same; it's about your mood of taste to spice it with curry right now or rosemary, or thyme. Before we get the sense of hunger, it's better to come back to our style and desire to reveal the unlimited and unexpected horizons of your inner mood which is reflected by your today's outfit.

If only the slightest thought of being identical to the others drives you crazy, and these college fashion tips are meant for you!

Mind These Things if You Are in the Mood to Stand Out

Your Accessories Do Mean a Lot!

Whether it's a sparkly piece of jewelry, funny sunnies, or bright scarf, there is no better way to look fabulous even if it's just an ordinary outfit. Besides buying a couple of accessories won't cost you a fortune, how great and unique your outfit may look depending on your today's mood! Feel free to mix the same clothes the way you feel today. Change your style daily; even looking a little repetitive, only one accessory will definitely make the difference, believe me!

Thrift/Vintage Shops

The most affordable and endless source of inspiration ever, I'd say. Thrift/vintage shops help to spend less money and amazingly invest in the beautiful and original looks; it's something more than just a today's fashion and trends. I strongly believe that the highest style is more than just accepted rules of trends dictated by Fashion Week, it's about the way you are adding your spices the same as curry to chicken. Enjoy the opportunity to cook different each time you are hungry, I'd compare vintage thrift/shops to the old granny's recipe of the tastiest chicken ever. It's something traditional maybe a bit old-fashioned but meanwhile, it tastes so real and original. Before heading to thrift/vintage shops, be ready to hunt around for a while as it's a decent piece of work and amount of time for sure (besides you never know what you are going to dig there). The cookbook of your granny has a lot of pages, be patient to find the recipe for your chicken.

Vintage might be scary to wear especially for the first time, but you shouldn't worry about the somehow old-fashion look, take it as your accent in your outfit. Fashion is fleeting (what goes around comes around, after all!), the most basic outfit ever will sound absolutely new just by adding a thrifted blouse from the '90s, so don't be shy to mix any 80s, 90, you want! Don't get upset if you fail to find something worthy straight away, it might take some time.

Mix of Styles

That's the time for your fantasy and freedom to match the most favorite styles involving categories which you want. The tendency to “clash” categories in the outfits is the best ever, as this way you might effortlessly add some flirt of feminine just in an ordinary and sporty look. A totally different style is created by the way you are trying to mix and match the styles. The most shockingly gorgeous is the style you've created from usual aesthetic outfit with "clashing" pieces from the specific categories. I don't know what can be more stylish than combat boots and a feminine floral dress, just have no idea. Make your standing-out style the way you'd like to mix the most incompatible things ever!

I do believe that your personal style starts only with you, the way you see and feel yourself. Feel like the sporty mood is everything you need right now, you're welcome to be the sporty girl for today! Feel like being a strictly elegant lady is your passion for today, so do it! Don't set any limits. That's your time to look like Megan Markle. It's your daily choice of self-expression, and you are a big boss here! Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd, dress the way you feel today, wear things that you want and are comfortable in. I won't stop telling that the way you look tonight is the way you are feeling right now.

Be different, be real, be the way you want yourself to feel today, it's only your outfit that reflects your inner voice and your mood!

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