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33 Tips on Changing a College Girl’s Life
  1. Begin by downloading AnyList so that you can share different necessary grocery lists with all of your roommates keeping everything straight. Without any doubt, it will make your lives much easier.

  2. Make an attempt to drive very little. As a result, it will definitely save you money, give exercise, and relieve stress.

  3. Bear in mind that using a day planner is of the first magnitude. For instance, you can get a helpful day planner app.

  4. Have you ever tried to create a junk email account? If not, it's high time you did this and signed up for many different coupons and offers. This tip is especially needed for those, who prefer shopping on a budget.

  5. You ought to make yourself love leftovers due to the fact that groceries are rather expensive. So, cook giant meals.

  6. Remember that taking a multivitamin is quite helpful for your overall well-being. What is more, try to consume healthy foods. There is no doubt that you are exposed every day to so many various people in college. It is a so-called germ-fest and, indubitably, being sick can put you behind very quickly.

  7. Giving your trust away easily is a bad idea. Some guys and girls lie in spite of the fact that they seem to be really cute.

  8. Travel and explore the world as much as possible. If there is a possibility of studying abroad, take advantage of it and book your flight immediately.

  9. Have you ever thought about keeping empty wine bottles? To tell you the truth, they can serve you as awesome decorations for your apartment.

  10. It is worth mentioning that building lasting friendships is considered to be really important. It doesn't mean a lot of acquaintances from parties. It means finding people that are able to motivate you, make you laugh, and teach you at the same time. Devote your time to discovering who they really are, taking into consideration the fact that friends from college in many cases last a lifetime.

  11. Exercises are also significant, therefore, don't skip doing them and dedicate some time to sport regularly. This might even be a long walk with your roommate to the store.

  12. Don't forget about going to diverse sporting events. Keep in mind, these chances might be for you only in college, so don't lose an opportunity while you still study there. In addition, you can join different interesting clubs.

  13. Using Pinterest in order to find household tips and recipes is one of the greatest ideas since you need to know how to live without your mommy in your own apartment. It's no secret that you don't have even the faintest idea with regard to how your mom did it all.

  14. Resort to making your own coffee but not buying it.

  15. If you aren't comfortable with doing something, never feel pressured to complete it. There is no need for making up excuses or lies because you have to be constantly straightforward. Remember, people, who refuse to respect this feature in you, don't deserve you.

  16. Downloading PayPal can be helpful in exchanging money with your friends and roommates quickly and easily.

  17. What about taking a multitude of classes that can suit your different interests.

  18. Watch your drink. In spite of the fact that this rule might sound really overprotective to you, as if the same rules your mother tells you but seriously, you'd rather watch the amount of alcohol you're consuming.

  19. Make sure that you get acquainted with the student discounts at the local restaurants or pizza places. To tell you the truth, sometimes, they can be a godsend.

  20. Call your parents. Call your grandparents. Call anyone, who considers you to be an awesome person. This especially refers to the periods when you begin to disagree.

  21. It is essential to make a lot of inside jokes that can understand only your friends.

  22. Follow your dreams. Don't let anyone persuade you that it is impossible to reach them.

  23. It is a very bad idea to underclassmen any girl or girls in general. It is common knowledge that the nicer your attitude is toward the world, the nicer the world is to you. Frankly speaking, college is not believed to be an exception.

  24. If you are one of those, who cannot live without going to parties, invest in a cheap pair of shoes you don't mind observing how it gets destroyed by dingy basements and muddy walks home.

  25. Start creating your resume because actually, it's never too early to compile it.

  26. It's no secret that internships go fast; therefore, you'd better begin looking for them immediately. It is important to mention that if you can get an internship at so young age, do your best concerning this.

  27. Frankly speaking, spending the extra sum of money on a winter coat is undoubtedly a great idea since it will definitely become your best friend when wintertime comes.

  28. Remember two important suggestions: staying humble enough so that you can learn and at the same time, confident enough to know that you are able to achieve anything.

  29. Take advantage of the network due to the fact that the importance of maintaining relationships with fellow students and professors cannot be overestimated.

  30. Take as many photos as possible.

  31. Get enough sleep.

  32. Be always open-minded and meet new people.

  33. Pay attention and watch what you decide to put on social media. Truly speaking, it can make a huge impact on you in the future.

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