The ensuing terms and conditions comprise the total agreement between and a customer who chooses to access website and use any of its services and products. The customer assumes total responsibility for automatically accepting the Terms and Conditions of this document and agrees to abide by all terms and conditions herein stated.  By accessing website the customer as well agrees to abide by all rules and policies posted on any part of the website.

If alters or revises the regulations, terms of this agreement or makes any other changes of policies and procedures, such changes shall be posted on the site  within this agreement and immediately become binding upon any customer.  It is the customer’s responsibility to remain informed of any such revisions.

Copyright provides a variety of services and products to its customers, in the form of written works.  The customer agrees that such works, termed products, are the property of and are protected by current copyright law and intellectual proprietary regulations.  Products ordered by customers are to be utilized only as models or examples of similar works which the customer is originally producing.  The customer agrees to adhere to the policy of that no product ordered and received by the customer from will be submitted without proper source referencing.  The customer will further refrain from utilizing any products from for commercial purposes, as this will violate additional law and subject the customer to legal action. does not promote cheating or plagiarism.


The customer shall not hold responsible in any way for any legal action or other negative consequences incurred as a result of customer use or misuse of products and services.  The customer further agrees to defend should  be named in any legal actions.  If the customer shall breach any provision of the terms and conditions of this agreement, total indemnification does apply.

Refund Policy

  • The full amount of the order payment is refunded in case there has occurred a duplicate charge due to the system error, a failure to fulfill any of your order requirements or in case the order was not delivered as per the policy.
  • Keep in mind that you must approve the order during the period of 14 days. The approval time starts the moment the last version of the order was uploaded into your personal account and/or the moment the deadline has terminated.

Before Order Is Approved

  • You are to request a full refund if:
    • There has occurred a payment mistake (double charge, duplicate order, etc). You are to report to (Website) about the issue immediately. You will receive a full refund only in case no writer has been assigned yet in the order.
    • (Website) cannot find a suitable writer for you.
    • The deadline has passed, but the order is not delivered to you and you do not need it anymore. In such a case, you will not receive the completed order and you will be not allowed to use any of the materials you have received from (Website) in relation to your order. Please note: This does not refer to revisions. Once you send the order for revision, you are satisfied with it but some minor adjustments are to be made. In the event that you request for the revision, you will not be able to ask for a full refund anymore.


  • You are to request a 70% refund if:

The writer has been already assigned in your order and the deadline has passed. Since the writer has begun working on the paper, their work should be compensated accordingly.


  • You are to request a 50% refund if:

The writer has been already assigned in your order and a half of the order deadline has passed. (Website) will not, however, provide you with a writer to revise the order.


  • In case (Website) does not deliver the paper on time, our agents will reckon up a new price for the order as in accordance with the new deadline during which the paper is to be completed. This means that in case you make an order with an 8 hour deadline, but it arrives in 12 hours, (Website) will compensate the difference between the deadlines. (Please note: This does not refer to revisions).


  • (Website) acknowledges that there may occur certain circumstances under which the order has to be cancelled. Once you come across such circumstances, you are eligible for a full refund that will be issued upon the request, given that the order has been neither completed, nor downloaded by you in a complete form. In case the order is cancelled, (Website) will refund the payment to your initially stated personal account during 5-7 business days starting the moment the order was cancelled.


  • (Website) studies refund inquiries on an individual basis since all of the reasons provided are unique and require exceptional attention. In case you decide to request refund, your petition will be sent to our Quality Control Department for them to analyze and report on your case. After the agents compare the report received with your request explanations, the appropriate actions will be taken respectively. You are to report about your dissatisfaction within 14 days from the moment the order was downloaded or delivered electronically to your email/account.
  • Before (Website) refunds the money paid for the order, Quality Control Department will assess this order and conclude about the amount to be refunded. Refund percentage is based on a number of the requirements that were not fulfilled.


  • (Website) supports various means of communication (i.e. live chat, email, telephone, account message board, etc.) using which you can approach the agents and writers regarding any issues/comments related to the order. Customer Support Center is available 24/7 and is ready to respond to your refund inquiry or assist you with any other issue related to order processing. Provided that you must contact the agents about refund request by using any of the above mentioned methods, (website) will not consider your request if you have not performed obligatory actions.


  • If the order is late delivered due to unforeseen circumstances, (website) will compensate you for the violation of the order deadline by granting you with a discount or credit you may use in your future orders with (Website). Please note that delivery time divergence does not serve a reason for refund.


  • Cancellations and refunds should be expressed and delivered to the agents in a written form by means of Order Messaging System or through emailing the Customer Support Team. In case you are dissatisfied with the order or it arrives after the indicated deadline, you are eligible for a full or partial refund. It is a privilege of (Website) to decide on the refund issue to the customer.


  • If you request refund because of low quality of the order, you must provide solid reasons and examples to support your claim. Once you assemble of list of violations related to the order, it will be sent to Quality Control Department for subsequent analysis and approval.Please be noted that (Website) may inquire from you additional materials and evidence to ground your claim. (Website) maintains the right to disprove the refund request if the above mentioned documents and materials are not granted when the inquiry is made.


  • In the event that a full refund is paid out or a charge back is requested, (Website) maintains full authorship for the order completed and keeps the right to distribute, resell or share it with the third person. Hence you will not be allowed to use the order for your purposes.


  • You are to review the completed order for the fulfillment of your requirements and accuracy of the research contained in it, elsewise (Website) is not responsible for the unsatisfactory grade you may receive in case you fail to do so.


  • If you have misplaced the order, you can cancel it and receive the full amount of the payment made in case the writer has not been assigned yet. In the event that the writer has been assigned already and has started to work on the order (doing research, communicating with the customer, writing a draft), you can only inquire of partial refund. Quality Control Department will review your case and determine the percentage of partial refund.




  • (Website) maintains the rights to revise, modify, amend or change the policies of this agreement. By giving your agreement to follow the policies you are bound by any revision, modification, amendment or change made here. You are obliged to review the agreement for amendments that may occasionally take place. All the changes are to appear in this section of the website.


Refund Is Not to Be Issued In the Following Cases:


  • Checking the message box. The Messaging System is easy and convenient to use and communicate through. You are to check your message box for any updates from Customer Support Center or the writer. You are also encouraged to use this system when expressing your concerns or clarifications regarding the order. Failure to check the Messaging System will never serve a sufficient reason to request a refund for services rendered. In case you do not know how to use the Messaging System, you can contact Customer Support Team for detailed instructions at any time.


If the order was delivered to you on time, (Website) is not responsible for you failing to download the order. Please be informed that you will still be charged for the services rendered. Under such circumstances no refund is being guaranteed as writer’s work has to be compensated respectively.

Plimus services  we use for secure transactions of your payment reserve their right to make a Refund or Cancellation without the prior knowledge or consent of Supplier.

Communication between Customer and

The customer accepts total responsibility for providing with a correct email address for purposes of communication.  Generalized notices shall be posted on the website and personal communication with each individual customer shall occur via email.

Termination of Order

Occasionally, may determine that termination of an order is necessary.  If this event should occur the customer shall be notified immediately and a full refund shall follow., in all instances, attempts to follow all the detailed instructions given by a customer, as it produces a product, and will terminate an order if it is unable to do so.

In the event a customer believes that his/her original instructions have not been utilized in the creation of a product, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify of the issue within 48 hours of receipt of the product.  If has not followed the original instructions of the customer, shall revise the product as apropriate.  If the customer does not contact within 48 hours, the sale is considered final, and any revisions subsequently requested by the customer shall only occur at additional customer cost.  The customer may not alter instructions after receipt of the final product without additional cost.


In the event of a chargeback application, the customer is notified by telephone, our messaging system or email asking them to make a chargeback cancellation. Where a customer feels the work they receive is of inferior quality, we guarantee to refund their money in full if our QA department finds the work is not of an adequate standard. To receive their refund, the customer must cancel the chargeback by contacting their bank and requesting that the chargeback be cancelled. Once we receive confirmation that the chargeback has been cancelled, we issue a refund on their purchase. In the event the customer does not respond within two days, we send a further notification where we reiterate our request.  At this stage, if the customer is in agreement, we offer to refund fifty percent of the purchase price. In the event the customer fails to respond to our notifications and does not initiate a chargeback cancellation, we will bring our cooperation to a close. Furthermore, where a customer engages in fraudulent practices with our company, this will adversely affect their future engagements with other service providers.

Order Cancellation

If the customer placed the order mistakenly, he/she can make a request for its annulment and receive his/her money back in case this request is made over a period of 20% of the order time frame which is no more than 14 days or in case there is no appointed writer. The customer can get full refund for orders deadlines of which exceed 14 days if order annulment request is made within 4 days.

In case the writer has been assigned and has started working on the order, the customer can obtain only partial refund. The amount of partial refund will be calculated in accordance with the time left period but it cannot go beyond 75% of the total order price.

Plimus service  we use for secure transactions of your payment reserve their right to make a Refund or Cancellation without the prior knowledge or consent of Supplier.